How to sell your phone machine and get some cash!

You have an old smartphone and you don’t know what to do with it. Many would say get in line. And it’s true, so many of us have old smartphone or a bunch lying around in the house, in a drawer, or on the attic. You can sell your phone machine and we buy all sorts of old cell phones, as well as a range of other electronic devices.

And of course, you know that you can sell an iPhone 11 Pro Max or Galaxy Fold, but you can also sell a device which is much older. It is even possible to sell a device that’s not in a perfect condition, even a device that’s damaged.

Why Gizmogo is better than our competitors

There are plenty of sites that buy old devices but let us see why you should choose gizmogo over its competitors. We guarantee the best price and that means that once we receive the device from you, we will reevaluate the device and if it’s in a better condition than you first thought we will increase the price and pay you more. If on the other hand, the cell phone is in a worse position, and we need to lower the price and the offer and you are not satisfied with that, we can return the phone and you won’t have to pay a cent.

We offer free shipping, so if you accept our price, we will send you a free shipping label and you will just need to place the device in the box and see it free of charge.

Another aspect where we are better than our competitors is the fact that we offer professional data protection. We will professionally delete all data that’s on your device and ensure that is completely clean. We will not give or send your personal or other information to any third parties.

We offer fast payments, we will pay you within 24 hours after we receive the device and you get to choose the payment method. Gizmogo supports a range of payment methods – PayPal, checks, Amazon gift cards and more.

How to sell your phone machine

We probably don’t need to tell you why to sell your phone machine. If your phone keeps lying in your drawer, you’re basically losing money, because let’s be honest your device is losing value every day. And if you throw it away in the dumpster, it will have a negative effect on the environment.

You can get some money and take care of the environment. We will take care of your phone and you can use the cash that we send you to fund your new phone.

First you need to select the type of phone that you have and would like to sell. Once you choose the device you need to answer a few questions before we can give you a quote. First you will need to select your carrier, then the memory capacity and finally the phone’s condition – is it brand new, like new, good or damaged. You can get money even if it’s damaged.