iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro: Performance and Design

Again, Apple presents customers with the dilemma of choosing between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 pro. Both phones have a reduced notch size and feature the A15 bionic chip.

If you want to go with either, you should continue reading to find out some differences in performance and design.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro Specifications Comparison

The iPhone 13 Pro is ahead of the regular offering in some regards. Let’s now consider the performance and design differences between both phones.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro: Performance

A significant similarity is that they both come with the A15 chip (which features a 16-core Neural Engine). They also have a 6-core CPU. Hence, they can handle AI and machine learning tasks.

The iPhone 13 Pro has a 5-core GPU which places it above the 4-core GPU of the iPhone 13. This means that the former will offer a smoother gaming and video editing experience than the latter.

The Pro features 6GB RAM compared to the 4GB on the regular version. This has implications for users who frequently multitask and move between apps on their devices.

Finally, the iPhone 13 Pro features the 120Hz ProMotion, which provides a faster refresh and scrolling than the 60Hz of the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro: Design

Both phones have a 6.1-inch display that users will find suitable for viewing pleasure. Their notches are also about 20% smaller than past models.

The rear camera arrangement is an easily perceptible difference. While the iPhone 13 has a dual 12 MP setup, the Pro includes a Telephoto lens having a total of three.

Both versions come in color options that are unique to the model. Also, while the 13 Pro has a textured matte glass rear, the iPhone 13 has a regular glossy glass back.

The Pro version is noticeably heavier than the regular version since it has a stainless steel frame. The iPhone 13 has an aluminum frame.

Summary of the iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro

FeaturesiPhone 13iPhone 13 ProConclusion

System on Chip (SOC):
A15 chipA15 chipBoth have good performance in terms of machine learning, live text, and camera.
Central Processing Unit (CPU):6-core6-coreBoth can handle AI and machine learning tasks
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU):4-core5-coreiPhone 13 Pro offers a smoother gaming and video editing experience
Memory:4GB RAM6GB RAMiPhone 13 Pro is better multitasking and moving between multiple apps.
Refresh Rate:60Hz120HziPhone 13 Pro has a superior refresh rate for a smoother visual experience.
Screen Size:6.1-inch6.1-inchBoth phones provide a suitable display size for viewing pleasure.
Color options:Red
Sierra Blue
Alpine Green
Both phones offer various color options to appeal to personal preference.
Rear Finish & Material:Glossy glass Matte textured glassiPhone 13 pro has a slightly more intriguing and elegant design with its texture and finish.
Camera:12MP wide lens12MP ultrawide lens12MP Telephoto lens12MP Wide lens12MP Ultra Wide lensThe iPhone 13 Pro has three camera lenses compared to two on the iPhone 13. It also takes higher-quality pictures in darker settings.
Frame:AluminumStainless SteelThe iPhone 3 pro has a slightly more durable design.
Weight:6.14 ounces7.19 ouncesiPhone 13 Pro is notably heavier due to the stainless steel frame.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro FAQs

Can an iPhone 13 Pro survive a fall?
Yes. It can survive a fall from a height of 6 feet onto a concrete floor.

Is it worth it to buy a new iPhone 13 Pro
Yes. Opting for a brand-new phone version is always best if you can afford it. You can always get a used one in excellent shape if a new device is not in your budget.

How can you tell the difference between iPhone 13 and pro?
The iPhone 13 is at least an ounce lighter than the Pro. Also, the former has a dual camera arrangement (12MP) while the latter has three, including a Telephoto lens.

Does iPhone 13 Pro have a good battery life?
Compared to the iPhone 13, it has better battery life. The battery lasts for about 25 hours with video streaming. This is 5 hours more than the iPhone 13.

Is iPhone 13 good for portrait photography?
You can take simple environmental portrait photos with the iPhone 13. It also has features you can adjust to improve the quality of your pictures, like the cinematic mode.

Is iPhone 13 Pro a lot better than the 13?
Both phones are relatively similar. However, the Pro version has a stronger GPU. This means that games and video editing apps can run smoother on it.

Should I get the iPhone 13 Pro 128GB or 256GB?
It depends on what you will be using the device for. Gamers and creatives might benefit from larger memory and opt for the 256GB.

Which iPhone 13 has the most storage?
This position is tied by the Pro and Pro Max versions. They are available with up to 1TB of internal memory.

Can you use iPhone 13 Pro in the rain?
Yes. It is water-resistant (IP68 rating) and can be submerged in water up to 6 meters for 30 minutes at a stretch. It can surely handle the rain.

How do I protect my iPhone 13 from scratches?
Phone and screen protectors protect your iPhone 13 from scratches. You can buy them separately or opt for a 360 protector.