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How to sell your PS4: The best fantastic deal on your PlayStation

Sell my PS4 (PlayStation 4) for cash today – Solution.

Do you want to upgrade to a new gaming console, or have you realized that you just want to free up space and not play many games? Selling PS4 can be smart, but finding the best way to get a great deal can be tricky.  Whatever the reason for selling the PS4, this article will show you the important steps to take before you give the PS4 to others and what you can do to get the PS4 (Sony PlayStation) as high as possible.

Game Machine Setup

Especially when you transfer the PS4 to another person, it is important to erase all the data in the PS4 and restore it to factory condition. If you don’t have Play Station Plus, it’s a good idea to back up your saved data so that you don’t lose your game progress.Also, you have already downloaded digital games that do not need to be downloaded again. It is useful if you plan to purchase a new PS4. Backing up your data is very easy; just transfer your data from your PS4 storage to an external hard drive.

Deactivate PS4 as Primary PS4

In this step, click Setup. Account Management Go to Select Activate as Primary PS4. After that, select “Deactivate” from the menu. After this is done, the memory is erased. Factory reset is performed by selecting “Initialize” from the “Settings” menu. Select PS4 Initialization and select the Full option. It will take a few hours, but once this is over, it will be fine. It is recommended to erase all data from the console. Otherwise, the person who bought the console can access your account and games. Also, if you have information about the bank account, that is.

Clean the Console

In addition, clean the console properly and check whether there are all the original accessories, along with the original box containing the PS4. If you’re advertising online, take a picture with a good-quality camera to make your game console look as attractive as possible. After that, put it in a neat box.Next, check whether you have all the original accessories that came with your PS4. It includes controllers, cables, and any other peripherals. Trade-in platforms often value complete sets more highly, so having all the original components can increase your console’s trade-in worth.

Make a good deal.

Many new games still support the PS4. Therefore, the demand for the PS4 is very high, and the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro will be released, and it is a great time to upgrade. But the most important factor in determining the value of the PS4 is whether it works 100%.Those that are not will affect the price, but you should still be able to sell to someone cheaper. Flaws on the exterior might not lower the price much, but if you don’t have an original controller or have a faulty disk drive, you might want to consider lowering the price. Selling directly is the hardest task, but this is more likely to be expensive.

Check the Product version.

Several versions have been released since the PS4 was released. The purchase price will change depending on which one you sell, and it can be trouble if you label it improperly.Four types of PS4 have been released. The first model’s exterior plastic was half glossy and matte, but the second model was less glossy and became 100% matte black plastic.The third and fourth versions are PS4 Slim (the body is thin and has no optical audio terminal) and PS4 Pro (which looks like a plastic shelf added to the PS4).You also need to know the capacity of the game machine’s hard drive. PS4 is sold at 500 GB and 1 TB. The hard drive capacity does not exactly match either of these numbers, but it should be close enough to find out which model it is.

Clear the data

It is worth erasing all personal data while connecting the game machine. First, open the settings menu and scroll down to PlayStation Network. Select Activate as Primary PS4 and select Deactivate on the next screen. The Deactivate option may have already been grayed out. It can sometimes result in errors. In this case, select “Activate,” confirm this selection, and then enter the menu again and select “Deactivate.”Next, after a quick reboot, you need to reenter the settings menu, but now choose “Initialize .”Select Initialize PS4 in the next menu and select the Full option. The rest of the process will take a few hours, but once this is over, no one will be able to restore personal information from the game console. Look for the original packaging and accessories when you’re ready for a game console.

Game Caring

Keeping your game software clean can help you sell it. It may not be possible to change the way you have handled it, but in the future, try to treat it carefully so that it will be easier to sell when you want to sell the game. Also, remember that the box, plastic case, instructions, etc., that come with game software and game consoles will increase the value if they are attached when selling.

Find PS4 Peripherals

You’re almost ready to sell your PS4, but the last thing you need to do is check and round up the extra that the PS4 might have. Original packaging, accessories, cables, extra controllers, etc., can increase the value of the PS4. Please look for it. However, a game disk is one thing you don’t want to go out with the PS4. Before packing to sell PS4, make sure the drive has the disk. All this is to be remembered if you want to sell PS5 after a few years.

Choose the Right Platform

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