Why iPhone 11 Is Worth Your Money

4 Top Reasons Why iPhone 11 Is Worth Your Money

Studies report that Apple has sold off over 1.3 billion iPhones since 2007. And for no surprise to any of us, the number is still growing at a rate of knots.And then coming to the latest versions, most of us like the smell, feel, touch and appearance of the newest iPhone device(s) in the market.But then comes a question. Is it wise to spend a thousand or maybe a couple of thousand dollars on a smartphone?In this post we are talking on the same lines, just looking at the positive side for now, here are four top reasons why the iPhone 11 is worth your money.

1. Latest in the Line

Honestly, to some people, this reason can come off as a big positive, while others may call it just a weak addition to this list. But the point is that many people buy iPhones for their newness and the trend that they set.Yes, it may also be called a social symbol, indicating the amount of money that one has. And there are people who consider and buy Apple devices for this reason before any other benefit that they may get.So, the latest model of the iPhone matters to you as well, it’s time for you to sell your iPhone XR or XS and get your hands on the new boy in town, which is iPhone 11.

2. Camera Setup

The most unique thing about the new iPhone is its camera setup.Whether you opt for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or for iPhone 11 Pro Max, you are going to get a whole lotta clarity in pictures, and maybe in life as well.The iPhone 11 has a dual-camera setup, while the other two models have a triple camera system that comes with wide, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses.And the portrait mode is as good as the word “good” gets.Plus, the night mode in the camera is unbelievably enlightening.

3. Super Retina XDR Display

Apple devices have long been popular for setting a benchmark when it comes to quality, innovation and display.The latest one in the line is no different in this matter.It comes with a super retina XDR display, that brings out colours in a more realistic manner than most other similar devices.The primary feature is a two million-to-one contrast ratio, plus a 1,200-nit peak brightness that helps to view extreme dynamic range content way easier and more attractive than ever.

4. The New Chip: A 13 Bionic

The new A 13 bionic chip on all the three phones has over 8.5 billion transistors that enable the device to complete 1 million CPU operations per second.This makes the iPhone 11 the fastest one in the family. And why not, it’s the latest, so it’s meant to be the best too.

Final words

If you have been planning to buy a new phone but weren’t sure whether it should be an iPhone 11, this post might have helped you decide. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading it and found it useful.