How To Sell Headphones Online

Headphones come in many shapes, and sizes, and range from cheap earbuds to high-end noise-cancelling wireless devices. Whatever the level your headphones are at, there is a market to sell them online. When you want to trade up or just declutter the electronics cupboard, these guidelines will you help sell your headphones online and make some extra money.


Determine Your Headphone’s Value

Determine Condition

The best way to figure out the condition of your headphones is to give them a try. If they are wireless, then try them out on different devices and see if Bluetooth works in all cases. Check for any tears or signs of damage. If they are corded, then try the cord in different devices and make sure that both sides work when plugged in. Look to see if the cables are torn or cracked anywhere.

Determine Specifications

Headphone specifications can vary between models and usually, they are pretty easy to find on the manufacturer’s website. For more complex headphones, you may have specs that include memory and range, as well as audio quality and noise cancelling effects.

Research Prices of Other Headphone Listings Online

After you have figured out the condition and specifications of your headphones, you can now research what other sites are selling them for. Take a look at refurbished and used items that have similar wear and tear to yours and you should be able to get a price pretty easily.

Decide Where To Sell Your Headphones


Headphones can be sold on sites that offer other used electronics and most can show you how to sell your headphones online. There may be local sites that you can post on where your headphones will sell online from motivated buyers, or several online marketplaces exist where you can sell your headphones including eBay and Craigslist.

Headphone Buyback/Trade-In Companies

Depending on what type of headphones you have, some manufacturer sites will offer you a trade-in value towards a new set or something else they carry. Other places that buy headphones like Gizmogo will assess our headphones and make you a cash offer. Other benefits of Gizmogo include:

  • Ship for free – download the shipping label and send all your old devices to them for an estimate. Gizmogo buys phones, laptops, tablets, cameras & more!
  • Payment within 1 day – they will send you your money using Paypal, Check or eCheck
  • Guaranteed price – Once they assess the value, they will give you a fair market price.
  • Data protection – If any of your devices have sensitive information, they will wipe them clean.Prepare Your Headphones For Sale

Prepare Your Headphones For Sale

Erase Your Headphones

Most headphones don’t hold personal information, but there are some that can hold playlists or even payment information, so it is a good idea to make sure they are cleaned of any data.

Clean Your Headphones

It is a good idea to get some cleaning solution made for electronics to wipe down any solid surfaces on the headphones. Soft surfaces like earbuds can be cleaned with canned air and a microfibre cloth. Check that any buttons on them are clean and the cable is wiped down of any dirt.

Photograph Your Headphones

Take pictures of your headphones in high resolution so buyers can get an idea of what they look like. It is also a good idea to have someone wear them and take a picture of them so you can show perspective on how large or small they are. Get close-ups of special features like screens and buttons, and if there are any accessories that come with them like clips, or a remote, then put those in the picture as well.

Sell Your Headphones!

Once you have followed all of these steps, it is then time to sell your headphones to a motivated buyer. After you have done the following, you should be holding some cash and minus one set of headphones:

  • Assessed the condition of the headphones
  • Found out the specifications
  • Found a suitable marketplace
  • Cleaned the headphones
  • Taken photos
  • Posted your listing

You can also skip all of these steps and send them to Gizmogo where they will do the work for you and offer you fast cash for your headphones.