Beats Solo 4 vs Beats Solo 3 : Upgrade your headphones

Beats Solo 4 vs Beats Solo 3: Which Headphones Should You Upgrade To?

Which one is the right headphones for me: Beats Solo 3 Wireless or Beats Solo 4 Wireless

Beats by Dre has long been one of the most popular brands for wireless headphones and earbuds. The Beats Solo line has been their staple on-ear headphone offering. The Solo 4 is the latest iteration, building upon the success of the Solo 3.

But is the newer model worth upgrading to?

This article will compare the Beats Solo 4 and Solo 3 headphones across various categories to help you decide which is the better buy. We’ll look at design, sound quality, features, battery life, and value.

Beats Solo 4 vs Beats Solo 3 Design

The Beats Solo 4 features a refreshed, more streamlined design compared to the Solo 3 from Beats by Dre. The change is subtle, but makes the Solo 4 look cleaner and sleeker.

Here is a comparison of the Beats Solo 4 and Solo 3 design:

DesignBeats Solo 4Beats Solo 3
HeadbandSmoother, more contouredBulkier
EarcupsSlimmer, more oval shapeRounder
Color OptionsBlack, White, Red, BlueAround 30 color options
Weight9.2 oz8.1 oz

While the Solo 3 has many more color choices, the Solo 4’s pared-back design looks more mature and refined. The Solo 4 is also a bit heavier, though not significantly.

Both models have padding on the earcups and headbands for comfort. The Solo 4 has more squishy pads that mold around your head better. Overall, the Solo 4 has a slight edge in terms of build quality and comfort.

Beats Solo Sound Quality

When it comes to audio, the Solo 4 again outperforms the previous model. Here are some key differences in sound:

Sound QualityBeats Solo 4Beats Solo 3
Drivers40mm dynamic drivers40mm drivers
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz20Hz – 20kHz
Sound ProfileCleaner, more balanced sound with tight bassMore overpowering bass
ClarityBrighter treble for crisper detailMuddier mids/highs

The Solo 4 has the same sized drivers as the Solo 3, but they have been tuned for better sound. The bass is still impactful but less boomy. The mids and highs are more pronounced and clear. Overall, there is better balance across the frequency range.

Vocals come through clearer on the Solo 4. Instruments have better separation too. The soundstage feels a bit more open. This makes the Solo 4 better suited for listening to various music genres.


Beats Solo 4 vs Beats Solo 3 Features

The on-board controls and features are very similar between the two models:

FeaturesBeats Solo 4Beats Solo 3
On-ear ControlsVolume up/down, play/pause, skip track, answer callsVolume up/down, play/pause, skip track, answer calls
MicrophoneYes, for phone callsYes, for phone calls
Charging PortLightningMicro-USB
Wireless ConnectivityApple H1 chip (Class 1 Bluetooth)Apple W1 chip (Class 1 Bluetooth)
Noise IsolationNo ANC, passive isolationNo ANC, passive isolation
Audio CodecsAAC, SBCAAC, SBC

The controls and call capabilities are identical. Both have an Apple chip for easy iOS/Mac pairing.

The main difference are the Solo 4 uses Lightning charging instead of Micro-USB. It also has the newer H1 chip vs the W1 for slightly improved wireless connectivity. Still no active noise cancellation (ANC) though.

Overall the Solo 4 pulls ahead slightly for the more seamless charging and connectivity. But the core features remain very comparable.

Beats Solo Battery Life

Battery life is an important consideration for wireless headphones. Here is how the Solo 4 and Solo 3 compare:

Battery LifeBeats Solo 4Beats Solo 3
Music PlaybackUp to 40 hoursUp to 40 hours
Fast Charging5 min = 3 hours playbackN/A
Full Charge Time2 hours3 hours

The Solo 4 matches the excellent battery life of the Solo 3, achieving up to 40 hours of continuous playback. That’s nearly 2 days of wireless listening.

The Solo 4 adds fast charging, getting 3 hours of playback from a 5-minute charge via Lightning cable. And it charges fully in 2 hours vs 3 hours for the Solo 3 through its Micro-USB.

Once again the Solo 4 just barely surpasses the Solo 3 when it comes to battery. But both deliver outstanding wireless playback time between charges.

Beats Solo Value

With the Solo 4 being the newer model, it also comes at a higher price:

Beats Solo 4$199
Beats Solo 3$169

At $199, the Solo 4 costs around $30 more than the Solo 3. Is the upgrade worth it for the improvements in design, sound, and features?

Here is a summary of the differences between the Beats Solo 4 and Solo 3:

ComparisonBeats Solo 4Beats Solo 3
DesignSleeker, more refined lookBulkier yet more color options
Sound QualityCleaner, more balanced soundMuddier sound with booming bass
FeaturesNewer H1 chip, Lightning chargingMostly has the same features as Solo 4
Battery LifeMatches Solo 3, adds fast charging40 hours playback
Value$30 more than Solo 3Cheaper at $169

For just $30 more, the Solo 4 offers noticeably better design and audio quality than the Solo 3. It also has small upgrades like better connectivity, faster charging, and Lightning support.

If you don’t need the very best sound, the Solo 3 is still a solid wireless headphone that provides great battery life for less money. But for the improvements in key areas like design and sound, the Solo 4 is worth the extra cost for many buyers.

Verdict: Beats Solo 4 Wins

When comparing the Beats Solo 4 vs Solo 3, the Solo 4 comes out as the better overall wireless headphones. For just $30 more than the previous model, you get a sleeker, more premium design along with improved sound quality.

The Beats Solo 4 has tighter, cleaner bass and better clarity across mids and highs. Little upgrades like faster charging and new colors are nice extras too. The Solo 3 is still a good value pick, but if you want the best Solo listening experience, go with the Solo 4.

Here is a quick summary comparing the Beats Solo 4 and Solo 3:

 Beats Solo 4Beats Solo 3
DesignExcellent – Sleeker, more refined lookGood – Bulkier yet more color options
Sound QualityExcellent – Cleaner, more balanced soundGood – Muddier sound with booming bass
FeaturesExcellent – Newer H1 chip, Lightning chargingGood – Mostly same features as Solo 4
Battery LifeExcellent – Matches Solo 3, adds fast chargingGood – 40 hours playback
ValueExcellent – Worth $30 more than Solo 3Good – Cheaper at $169

So, if you’re looking for new on-ear headphones for listening to music, making calls, and general wireless use, the Beats Solo 4 is your best bet. They outperform the previous Solo 3 model in the areas that matter most, like design, audio, and battery.

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