How To Sell Your Drone Online

Since drones have become mainstream devices for kids and adults, the industry has exploded with different models and capabilities. You can get a drone that will fly a distance of a mile and watch what it records in high definition from the ground. There are some drones that come with simple controls, mini-drones, and super high-end drones that can be used to deliver packages. Whatever drone it is you are looking to sell, there is a place where someone will buy it for a decent price. Follow these guidelines when you are looking to sell your drone online.

Determine Your Drone’s Value

Determine Condition

When you want to figure out the condition of your drone, give it a try and see how it flies. Does it still fly well and obey any commands you give it through the controller? If it has a screen, is the picture quality still crisp or is there interference in the signal? Check that the propellers are still attached tightly and if there are any scratches and dents on the surface. You will want to check the battery life as well because that tends to degrade over time and is something a buyer should be aware of.

Determine Specifications

There are many types of drones with a list of different specifications that usually differ according to price. The box your drone came in should give you an idea of make and model and from there you can look up specifications on the manufacturer’s website. Some keywords to look out for when looking up specs on drones include:

Research Prices of Other Drones Listings Online

Drones are a lot of fun and usually when you have one, you want to buy the next model up. Take a look at sites that sell these used drones and find your model to see what price range you should list at.

Decide Where To Sell Your Drone


Several online marketplaces exist where you can sell your drone including eBay and Craigslist. Other places that can show you how to sell your drone are Facebook marketplace and local electronics sites that offer used equipment.

Drone Buyback/Trade-In Companies

Figuring out where to sell your drone is always a challenge. There are also companies that offer a trade-in value for your drone and give you a credit towards it to be used on their sites like Amazon and Best Buy. Other places that buy drones online include Gizmogo.

Gizmogo will:

  • guarantee the best price in the market for your used equipment
  • Gizmogo buys phones, laptops, tablets, cameras & more!
  • send you a free shipping label so you can send them your drone for assessment
  • pay you the agreed-upon price within 1 business day by Paypal, Check, or eCheck
  • wipe any personal information from your devices so you can have peace of mind

Prepare Your Drone For Sale

Erase Your Drone

You may want to erase your memory on the drone in case you have pictures that you want to keep private. Images of children and the elderly especially fall under privacy laws and it is always a good idea to wipe them clean from any device.

Clean Your Drone

There are a lot of moving parts on most drones and they can all gather dirt, dust and even bird poop! Use some cleaning spray that is meant for electronics to clean off any surfaces and a microfibre cloth for any screens. Gently scrub buttons and joysticks to get the dirt off them from different hands touching them.

Photograph Your Drone

Take lots of high-resolution pictures of your drone and all the accessories that come with it. Include videos of your drone flying as well as any videos or photos it has taken to show the quality. Make sure to capture it from every angle.

Sell Your Drone!

Follow these simple guidelines when you are ready to sell your drone:

  • List the specifications
  • Examine the condition of the drone
  • Clean the drone thoroughly
  • Take pictures and videos of the drone
  • List the drone on an appropriate site

If you want to sell your drone quickly with a minimal amount of effort, then send it to Gizmogo where they will give you a fair price and pay you within one business day.