Samsung S10 vs iPhone XS

Samsung S10 vs. iPhone XS – The battle of 2019

In 2020, iPhone and Samsung are continuing their ongoing rivalry and potential buyers all over the world are comparing the two, asking around and thinking carefully before deciding which model they should buy. Some, of course, have already made up their mind. Today, it is either Samsung S20 or Samsung S23 Ultra against the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but the hot topic last year was and still is Samsung S10 vs iPhone XS.We’ll compare the two, and we’ll then see how both companies did last year and, ultimately, which was a more popular model the S10 or the XS.

The lighter Galaxy S10 takes the lead

First, let’s look at the exterior before going on to the main part of the question: is the Samsung S10 vs iPhone XS a winner or not? Both phones are quite similar in terms of dimensions. The Galaxy is slightly longer at 149.9mm, whereas the iPhone is 143.6mm long. On the other hand, the Galaxy is 20 grams lighter, so that would be a small plus for the Galaxy.iPhone fans, generally, were happy with the design featuring a glass back and a metal frame combined with a flat-screen, but those who prefer the Android version usually pointed out that it was a very elegant move to place the fingerprint scanner on the screen. When it comes to style and appearance, everybody has a preference, so we will not make any judgment.

Can the iPhone’s smaller screen compete with the Galaxy?

The longer Samsung has a larger screen, 6.1” against the 5.8” of the iPhone. The aspect ratio is almost the same at 19:9 (Samsung) vs 19.5:9 (iPhone XS), but the Samsung has a larger resolution and is curved, as opposed to the iPhone XS, which is flat. Both phones support HDR10, which stands for high dynamic range, but Samsung was the first phone in the world to support the more advanced HDR10+. We have to say that Samsung is marginally better in this aspect, although the two are still pretty close.

Is a three-lens camera better than a two-lens camera?

Cameras are quite important, especially nowadays. People take 3 billion images daily, so of course, cameras matter. The Samsung Galaxy S10 boasts three rear cameras, or as it’s usually called, triple-lens cameras, as opposed to the dual-lens camera on the XS. Of course, an additional lens isn’t sufficient for us to conclude that we have the answer to the question is Samsung S10 vs iPhone an easy question, but it is another small plus for Samsung, especially if we add that Samsung has a 10mp selfie camera, as opposed to the iPhone which has a selfie camera that takes 7mp photos.

The Galaxy appears to have won on points

When we are speaking of batteries and charging, again, the Galaxy has a larger battery, which is understandable as it features a larger screen and supports Fast Wireless Charging 2.0, whereas the iPhone XS doesn’t. The Galaxy comes with 8GB RAM, and the iPhone XS only features 4GB.We reach the final point – the price. Now, the price for both models varied depending on the storage capacity; the basic Samsung version was $899 in March last year, as opposed to the basic version of the iPhone XS, which cost $999 at the same time last year. If we stick to the numbers, Samsung is the obvious winner, but those who prefer Apple devices would argue that the iPhone is a lot faster and works much more smoothly compared to its competitors. Both companies stated that the above-mentioned models are so.