Samsung S10 vs iPhone XS

Is Samsung S10 vs iPhone XS an easy battle or a close call?

In the past decade or so, it has always been the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy vs the latest iPhone version. These are the two most popular phones, these are the two most sought after phones and these are the phones that sell the highest number of items. So, is Samsung S10 vs iPhone XS the most tied smartphone battle of 2019, or we have a clear winner? That is the issue that we are going to investigate here.

The Samsung S10 comes with a larger screen

The first thing that we notice in a phone is not the RAM memory or the capacity, it’s the display. The Samsung S10 Galaxy is slightly longer and comes with a larger screen. The S10 features a screen that’s 6.1” long, as opposed to the 5.8” screen on the iPhone. That might not seem like that big of a difference, but it can make a difference. Not to mention the fact that the Samsung is also lighter, even though boasts a larger screen.The Galaxy is also curvier, and its camera seems cut-out. The last is a pretty bold design move from Samsung, but it’s not something that appeals to everyone.

Galaxy’s triple-lens camera vs the iPhone’s dual-lens

The next thing that we tend to notice is a feature that is of utmost importance for a lot of people –the camera. Statistics show that the average American takes more than 20 photos with their cell phone and we can only assume that those with better cameras take more photos.If we compare just the numbers and the objective parameters, it’s again the Samsung that has the edge over its competition. Namely, the S10 comes with a triple-lens camera, as opposed to the dual-lens camera on the iPhone. One of the three rear cameras on the Samsung is a 16-megapixel ultra-wide angle camera. Still, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody would agree that the Samsung has a better camera, due to the fact that iPhones are historically very good when it comes to photography.

Cheaper and with a larger batter, is the S10 our winner?

One of the first few questions that everybody who is looking to buy a new phone tends to ask – is how long the battery lasts. The Samsung Galaxy S10 features a larger battery – 3,400mAh, as opposed to 2,658mAh on the iPhone, but bear in mind that the Samsung has a larger screen. The Samsung S10 and the iPhone XS support wireless charging and fast charging, but the Galaxy comes with additional perks – Wireless PowerShare and Fast Wireless Charging 2.0.So in that respect it seems that the battle between Samsung S10 vs iPhone XS is probably going to end up with a win for the S10. The Galaxy was a bit cheaper than the iPhone as well, with the price starting at $899 whereas the iPhone’s starting price was $999.It has to be said that both phones were at the top of the price list at the time of their release, yet both are sold at cheaper prices at the moment. So, if you’re okay with not having the latest version of either the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy, either of the two would be a viable option.