Apple or Samsung: which one is better ?

It may not be as dangerous as a political debate but asking someone whether they prefer iPhone or Samsung can be dangerous if you stumble upon a hardcore iPhone or Galaxy fan. Both smartphones have an almost cult following, and it is not highly likely that the debate will be settled any time soon. We decided to take a look at some interesting iPhone vs Samsung facts. We might shed some light on the ongoing debate, but honestly speaking, we don’t expect any diehard supporters of either of these two industry giants to change their minds.

Are these really facts?

This is not going to be a classic Apple vs Samsung comparison or an Apple or Samsung poll. We just want to draw your attention to some interesting facts about the two phones, the two companies, and the fierce rivalry that has marked the smartphone market in the past decade.

When we talk about iPhone vs Samsung facts the word ‘fact’ is sometimes used loosely, especially when used by someone who is either an iPhone or a Samsung aficionado and we will go through these facts, as well as some actual facts.

Samsung’s facts

Let us first look at the facts that Samsung Galaxy S fans use when trying to prove that Samsung is better than iPhone and that Android is a better operating system than iOS.

We mentioned the operating system on purpose. That’s right, for many Samsung fans, the fact that Samsung runs on Android is sufficient to conclude that it is better than then iPhone. They argue that Android is faster and offers better customization. Just a reminder – Android is free and open source, based on the Linux kernel. The fact that it’s free and open source allows developers an unparalleled degree of freedom. As a result, you will see a lot more Android apps as opposed to iOS.

Samsung Galaxy models generally offer better value for money when it comes to hardware and specs. When comparing like for like, that is models that are similar in terms of price and category, Galaxy S models generally have better RAM memory, bigger screen size, better screen-to-body ration, resolution and pixel density, on top of having better camera or cameras. Samsung models tend to have more storage capacity and also support storage expansion, which is not the case with iPhones.

While there are Samsung Galaxy models that are more expensive, again, generally when comparing like for like, Galaxy models tend to be cheaper, not to mention that Apple expects you to pay more for add-ons and there’s an additional charge for pretty much everything.

Expandable memory is a reason strong enough to be mentioned on its own. iPhone fans get grilled on this matter on a regular basis, but Apple shows no indication to change their approach and offer expandable memory any time soon.

Customization is also regularly pointed out as an area in which Samsung has the upper hand, or at least that’s what its fans regularly claim. These are the iPhone vs Samsung facts from the perspective of Samsung fans.

The claims of iPhone fans

Naturally, iPhone fans have facts of their own, and they like to point out to their facts at any given occasion when arguing with Samsung fans. The first thing that an iPhone fan is likely to bring up in a debate is that iPhones are faster. Those who are more tech-savvy among iPhone fans will explicitly point out that the iPhone’s Bionic chip is much better and more powerful, whereas those who prefer laymen’s terms will pretty much say the same thing with regular words.

Integration between hardware and software is another thing that gets mentioned frequently. iPhone users will maintain that since Apple is in charge of both the hardware and the operating system, the company can ensure smooth and perfect integration, whereas Samsung uses Android a system shared by a wide range of other phone companies.

Easy to use – that’s probably one of the most utilized phrases when it comes to technology in general, but iPhone fans are particularly fond of it and usually don’t forget to mention it when they are debating Android users.

Apple Pay, the company’s dedicated payment system is another option that gives iPhones a comparative advantage over Samsung Galaxy models. There isn’t a Samsung equivalent of this and it is not likely that there will be.

Some iPhone users maintain that the American company boasts better support and help and their staff are generally more knowledgeable and can assist you right away.

One interesting fact

These were the facts as seen by both camps and one of the most interesting neutral facts, so to say, is that Samsung used to be Apples supplier, in fact, many claim that it was Steve Jobs’ favorite supplier and that Apple’s icon was very angry when he realized that the South Korean company is entering the smartphone market in an attempt to become Apple’s biggest competitor.



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