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Sell iPhone 5
Trade in Instructions
1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original or not.
2.Please make sure to unlock your phone, remove any pass code and sign out from your iCloud account before shipping your device to us.
3.Questions on how to remove your iCloud account from your device? See Details.
4.Questions on how to unlock the phone screen? See Details.
Sell Your Apple
iPhone 5

iPhone 5 


Ever been been confused about what to do with your favorite iPhone 5 that you no longer use? Then you need not go through the hassle of looking for varieties of options. There are two ways to put your iPhone 5 to good use. You can either Sell iPhone 5 or Trade in iPhone 5 for something else. This right here will guide you on how to sell your iPhone 5.



Apple always looks for better ways to satisfy its customers. The result is the consistent upgrade in every of their product. The release of the iPhone 5 in September 2012 was borne out of a deep sense of responsibility; to get Apple an iPhone with lasting battery. The latest then, which was Apple iPhone 4, left Apple users wondering why their excellent device goes off just when they are starting to enjoy the phone. Apple decided to develop something better. Thus the creation of the iPhone 5 model. In 2012iPhone 5 was released to the market with advanced features. For one, the battery can last close to 2 days on decent use. This was a significant improvement to iPhone 4, with battery life falling between 10-12hours. Less than half of a day. The iPhone 5 battery is in-built with 1440mAh Lithium polymer. Not only did Apple users love this product, but it was also a hit, with sales rocking over a 100million. This vast sale perhaps was due to other features of the device.

The iPhone 5 screen was by far better. With the iPhone 5 screen being able to display 4.00 inches in width, it could display high-resolution video. It’s no wonder it was a star in its time. The iPhone 5 sensors are highly functional, as noticed by how quickly they pick up upon touch. The phone's sensors are magnetometer, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor and proximity. The oleophobic coating works surprisingly well with the Gorilla Glass screen of the phone.

Another cool feature of the iPhone 5 is easily seen in the images taken with the phone. The camera, like most advanced Android, has front and rear cameraThe front camera megapixel is 1.2, while the rear camera comes with 8megapixel. The widescreen of the camera makes it possible to get clean, cut images with dimensions 3264 x 2448 pixels. Remember this when you want to sell iPhone 5

Wired and wireless connection of the iPhone 5 is another quality Apple Users love. With the Wi-Fi supporting the standard connections using dual-band 802. 11 a/b/g/n. It pairs easily, too, using Bluetooth. Internet speed is also fast. iPhone 5 is made in three colors: Silver, White and Black. This also gets you a good deal when you sell your iPhone 5


Sell iPhone 5

You can choose to sell your iPhone 5.  The knowledge that you won’t get your total money worth is enough to make one sit and thoroughly think it through. This is because most IT gadgets start to lose their value the instant you pay for them. No offense, it’s just the way they are. You could not sell back your gadget the exact amount you bought it even if the purchase was made that day. Even the seller will not repurchase the device from you at the actual price he sold it to you; receipt and all. Nevertheless, if your device is in good condition and carefully go about it, you can sell iPhone 5 at a fair price.


Trade in iPhone 5

You can decide to trade in iPhone 5 rather than sell your iPhone 5. The choice to trade in your iPhone should, however, not be taken lightly as a lot of factors will come to play. You need to know your phone’s worth and have a good knowledge of what you want to trade in iPhone 5 for. This way, you don’t get cheated out of the deal when you sell iPhone 5 or trade in iphone 5. Once this is sorted, you can settle for a good bargain when you trade in your iPhone 5 for another, preferably an upgraded model.


Sell iPhone 5 for cash

Again you might want to consider selling your iphone 5 for cash. This path involves you selling your iPhone 5 for cash on sites like Gizmogo. However, to tread this path, your iPhone 5 Operating System needs to be okay. Aside from the Operating System of the iPhone, your device needs to be in good condition generally. If you have ticked that box, then getting to sell your iPhone 5 wouldn’t be a problem. You can sell your iPhone 5 quickly. Some sites allow you to sell your iPhone 5 for cash or trade iiPhone 5 for another product. Gizmogo is one great site to trade in iPhone 5  or  sell iPhone  


Features and capacities

Capacity info


32 GB


Size and weight info

Weight: 112g (3.95 oz.)

Height: 123.80mm (0.30 inches)

Width: 58.60mm (2.31 inches)

Thickness: 7.60mm (4.87 inches)

Display info

Capacitive touch screen

LED backlight display

16M display color

4.00 inches’ screen width

Resolution of 640 x 1136-pixel resolution at pixel density of 326ppi

Water-resistant info

Oleophobic coated screen

 It is not waterproof.

Chip info

System On Chip (SOC) called Apple A6

Camera info

1.2megapixel froncamera and 8megapixel rear camera

Ambient Light Sensor

The automated focus when taking pictures

Touch focus feature

3264 x 2448 image dimensions

Facial recognition

Image recording and HD video can be used simultaneously

Quality Face time

Reliable Geo-tagging mode

Video info

Slow-motion video with IR filters for 120fps

Full HD recording

Aperture is F2.4

1080p Resolution for 30fps


Face ID

 face detection feature






With the above-listed features of the iPhone 5, there is apparent assurance that your phone is worth every dime spent on purchasing it. It is, therefore, even more crucial that when you decide to sell your iPhone 5 for cash, do it smartly. Get familiar with the specs of your iPhone and the worth. This way, when you sell your iPhone 5 for cash, you will get reasonable priceGizmogo is one site that you can always trust for fair trade when you want to sell your iPhone 5.

Conclusively, iPhone 5 is excellent. When you sell iPhone 5, go the extra mile. You do not want to short-change yourself when you sell iPhone 5. When you Sell iPhone 5 that is in good condition, you can definitely  get yourself a good deal for it. If you are offered less, get another opinion before you sell iPhone 5 or trade it for another product.