How to Sell a Used Macbook Online

Selling Used MacBooks Online: An Overview

Are you looking to sell used electronics online? Selling old MacBooks can be a nice way to not only declutter, but get a little cash in your pocket, too. It can be intimidating to do, however, so we’ve rounded up the best tips from the Gizmogo team to help you make the most of the opportunity. 

How To Sell Used MacBooks Online

Selling used laptops online can be intimidating. Before you look for the best place to sell MacBook online, however, it’s time to get your device ready to sell. It’s important to not only make what you have look good, but ensure you’re protected, too.

Step #1 – Get to Grips with Specs

“I want to sell a used MacBook”. Great. Which MacBook? Is it from the pro series or the normal series? What drive size and other features does it have? More so than with any other electronics, selling a used laptop needs you to be very specific about what you own. People purchase electronics for specific purposes. Someone who wants something cheap to check emails on doesn’t need the same specs as someone hoping to game, develop, or use CAD software. Make sure the right buyer can find you.

Step #2 – Service and Clean

Many people lose out on the best possible price because they can’t put even a little effort into preparing the machine. Give it a clean-up and make sure it’s running as well as possible. Be sure you also look into any faults it may have and disclose those honestly, too.

Step #3 – Remove Data

Before you sell used MacBooks online, you need to make sure there’s no personal data left at all. Laptops can be trickier to wipe clean than a phone, as they often have ‘reset’ options that don’t destroy all data. You need to make sure there’s not a trace of your personal files left on any drive- a format is usually the smartest option if at all possible- and also make sure any saved passwords are removed and cloud access revoked.

Where To Sell Used MacBooks Online

Now you know how to sell a used MacBook, let’s look at where to sell it. We’ve looked at three different options below, each of which has its own pros and cons. Which option will suit you best will depend on how much you need, how quickly you want to sell, and how much bother you are prepared to go through.

Option #1 – Store Cred

This is by far the least lucrative way to sell your used MacBook pro, but it’s quick and can be leveraged if you’re looking to buy something new at the store. While you may only be familiar with brick-and-mortar trade-in, there are online stores (like Amazon) that offer this too. You won’t get ‘real’ cash, but instead store credit to put towards your new purchase.

Option #2 – Sales Pages

When it comes to how to sell a used laptop, private sales will get you the most cash. Eventually. If you survive the sales process. While you can have very positive private sales experiences, you will also run into people trying to argue your price down with sob stories, and time-wasters are pretty common too. Remember to guard yourself against fraud by only ever accepting cash for your goods, even if that means a ‘meat space’ meetup to finalize the deal.

Option #3 – Online Electronics Buyers

If you’re looking for the right blend of fair and fast, an online second-hand electronics buyer is the best way to go. Typically you give them the specs and are offered a sales price. If you agree, you will ship the device to them, they will check it, and then the money will be on the way to you. While you may not get the very highest price possible, you will get a fair sales price, and it’s faster than most online sales pages.

Introduction to Gizmogo

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