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Sell MacBook Air Online for Top Cash - Gizmogo

Sell Macbook Air for Cash online with a reliable website where your product has value. Gizmogo buys up your used Apple products through quick and convenient trading. We seek to help individuals, families, students, and businesses elevate their Apple laptops and iOS devices by offering operated Apple products such as Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad at competitive prices. Let’s dive into the process of how to trade in Cash for a used MacBook:

Things to do before you sell MacBook online for Cash

1. Data Backup

The first and most important step to take before sell MacBook online for Cash or switching to a new device is to back up all your data. If you fail to back up your old Mac files, you may lose access to important documents, photos, and files that you may need later. So always be careful when you are doing trade in Cash with tech devices.

Thankfully, Apple offers the best way to back up Mac files and data with the built-in Time Machine tool. Alternatively, you can back up your important files to your local external hard disk, cloud storage services, or third-party applications. Please read our guide on how to back up your Mac data best.

Deauthorize Apple Music and Apple TV

If you're using Apple Music or Apple TV, be sure to unauthorize your old Mac before you sell it or give it away. This eliminates the use of device restrictions for these services. To deauthorize, follow these steps:

  • Open each app (Apple Music or Apple TV) on your Mac.
  • Select Accounts from the menu bar.
  • Then select Authorizations and select Deauthorize This Computer.

Sign out of your Apple ID, iCloud, or other account.

Next, one of the most important steps is to log out of your Apple ID, iCloud, and other Internet accounts that are linked to your Mac (such as Google). If you stay signed in to Apple ID, your personal information, iCloud photos, and files may be accessible to the next user on your Mac. Note that if you log out of iCloud, you will also be signed out of App Store, iMessage, and FaceTime. Apple support page has the complete detailed steps for it.

Cancel or transfer AppleCare+ to sell used MacBook.

Because Macs are expensive, many people choose the AppleCare+ plan for peace of mind. Not only does AppleCare+ extend coverage to three years, but it also provides AppleCare+ subscribers unlimited coverage for accidental damage and priority support. However, if you want to switch to a new Mac or Windows, you need to migrate your AppleCare+ plan to a new device or cancel your subscription.

How can I check the Model of MacBook?

Hold down the Option key on your keyboard and select Apple Menu > System Information from the menu bar.

  • In the sidebar, select "Hardware".
  • The model’s name and serial number appear on the right.
  • You can also have the system information read the serial number aloud. From the system information menu bar, select File > Read Serial Number. Or press Command-4.

Product or Package

Find the serial number printed on your Mac or Mac package. For more information, see the product identification pages for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro.

  • Sign in to
  • Click Devices in the sidebar.
  • If your Mac is on the right, click on the name to see the model name and serial number.


  • Go to the Terminal application in the Utilities folder of the Applications folder.
  • Type or paste the following command into Terminal: system profiler SPHardwareDataType.
  • Press Return to enter the command. The Terminal displays a hardware summary, including the model name and serial number.

Where do I sell my MacBook Pro?

Are you wondering where to sell the MacBook Pro? Gizmogo is the perfect place to trade in Apple products! Trustpilot highly rates Gizmogo and has been used by hundreds of millions of customers to date. You don't have to wait for the payment as we will pay immediately as soon as the product is completed (usually the day after the product arrives). Recycling MacBook Pro will not only help you get Cash, but it will also help you reduce electronic waste and save valuable resources!

What is Gizmogo?

Gizmogo stands out as the best place to sell your phone, tablet, console, and laptop. With a user-friendly platform, it offers a seamless experience for selling your devices. Get top value for your electronics while contributing to sustainability through Gizmogo's eco-friendly recycling practices. Sell your phone hassle-free and explore a range of certified refurbished devices in the marketplace. Trust Gizmogo as the ultimate destination for selling and buying electronics, ensuring a smooth and environmentally conscious transaction. Unlock the best value for your devices today.

Accepted Model of MacBook at Gizmogo

  • Accepted MacBook Models at Gizmogo:
  • MacBook Air (1st generation to latest)
  • MacBook Pro (1st generation to latest, including models with and without Touch Bar)
  • MacBook (1st generation to latest)
  • Other MacBook Models

For other MacBook models not listed above, please go to the Gizmogo website's unknown devices section.

Please note that the acceptance of specific MacBook models may depend on factors such as the model year, condition, and specifications. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, visit the Gizmogo website or contact their customer support.

Why do I sell my MacBook online?

For some reason, you can sell MacBook Air online; the laptop that was close to you for several years was stuck. That is why you are looking for new models and how to upgrade to a better computer for daily activities.

Once you find the right model to offer the upgrade you want, what do you do with the previous laptop? It still works well but no longer has a purpose for you. There are new ways to back up information so that you can save it as a backup, but you can access it on a new device.

You should explore the possibilities of selling MacBooks you no longer plan to use. Get the most out of your new laptop while rewarding your old one. Today, we will explore these advantages and why you sell a MacBook.

Sell MacBook online for Cash.

If your objective is to buy a new laptop, that purchase can be expensive. If you trade in Cash MacBook, you can get funding to use it for the next one. You can also take advantage of the trade-in program to get a new model of the laptop you're using now.

Sold as part

Sometimes, a laptop does not work as it was when it was new, so it may not be worth much as a complete unit. However, some laptops have parts that can be refurbished or used for other models to work better. The parts are valuable, so you can also sell MacBook Pro to get rewards.

Recycle old parts

The reason to sell MacBook online might be because the old laptop doesn't work anymore. Some of these laptop parts can still be valuable. We are also promoting the recycling of these parts, which could adversely affect the environment if left in a trash can. By suitably disposing of your old laptop, you can still get the value of the parts and as well as keep the environment safe.

There are many reasons to sell MacBooks, so you are probably considering this route. If you choose to sell, there are several steps to take before selling.

Get Funds to Buy New Computers

One of the best reasons to sell an old computer is to get money for a new computer. Apple is constantly releasing better laptops, including those equipped with the new M1 chip, which boasts lightning speed. If your MacBook Pro is a few years old, trade it in and get the money to buy a new MacBook Pro. This is not only a practical use of old devices but also helps other Apple users by bringing another reliable device back to the market. After all, just because you don't need the device doesn't mean that someone else can use it.

Leave your laptop completely.

Another reason why you want to dispose of a MacBook Pro may simply be because you do not want to use the laptop anymore. Among the many types of devices, you may prefer something more convenient, something more suited to your lifestyle.

For example, depending on how you use your device, iPad Pro can do everything you need, and it's even more convenient and user-friendly. These tablets are much more portable than MacBook Pro and are great for entertainment and fun on the go. On the other hand, you no longer need the portability of a laptop, and you may want to sell MacBook Pro and switch to a desktop computer. Both reasons work the same way.


As mentioned earlier, new versions of MacBook Pro are frequently available. If you like this series of laptops, trade in your old MacBook Pro and get the funds to buy a new MacBook Pro.

You may be attracted to certain new features and improved specs of the new model, even though the old MacBook Pro model still has enough. It's the right thing to do, especially if you're looking for as much power and efficiency as you can while working, selling your old MacBook Pro to get the money you can spend on upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions: Sell your MacBook Online

Where can I sell MacBook Pro?

You can sell MacBook in Cash on many trade-in sites. Make sure that you are not just a gift card that you can utilize at a later date but a site where you can receive Cash in the form of a check or PayPal. You should also review Google and Reseller Ratings to make sure they're a reputable site. The is the most trusted place to sell Macs.'s trade-in program is fast and easy and trusted by over 100,000 customers. The review is also one of the most highly rated in Apple's trade-in industry.

How much Can I sell MacBook Pro?

The value of the MacBook Pro and other MacBooks depends on a variety of factors, including year, functionality, and overall condition. The best way to find out the price of your Mac is through a trusted trade-in site like Simply enter the serial number and answer a few questions about the status, and you can immediately make a quote. You can pay by PayPal or check in about a minute.

Is it legal to sell MacBook?

One great way to check if your business is legal is to check Better Business Bureau (also called BBB). is A+ rated and trusted. Also, check out Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp, and Reseller Ratings; all sites have received a rating of 4.5 or higher.

Where can I sell Apple MacBook?

The best site to sell your old Apple or Mac is online with a dedicated trade-in website. With, you can trade in devices up to 10 years old. If you use the serial number estimation tool or set up your Apple computer manually, you will see its value in about a minute.

I don't see my device on your list; how can I place my order?

Order as an Unknown Device: Select the option for an Unknown Device and proceed with the order.

Review Accepted Electronics: Ensure your MacBook falls within our accepted classifications by reviewing the list on our website.

Fee-Free Shipping: Take advantage of our fee-free shipping to send us your MacBook. We'll evaluate it and provide a quote.

Quote and Return: Upon evaluation, we'll send you a quote. If you choose not to sell, we'll return your MacBook free of charge.

Can I sell a lost or stolen MacBook?

Not Accepted: We cannot accept lost or stolen devices.

  • Immediate Action: If a device is reported as lost or stolen, we won't pay for it and will involve law enforcement immediately.
  • Resolution: If there's a mistake, contact your mobile carrier to ensure all is well before selling.

Sell as many MacBook devices as you'd like! We accept various used technology, including laptops, providing a hassle-free process for recycling and refurbishing.

Can I still use my old MacBook?

On average, most Macs will work for about 7-10 years and will retain value for more than ten years if they remain functional. The first thing that tends to be bad is the battery. Fortunately, the old MacBook can easily replace the battery, but from the Retina MacBook Pro, the battery is fixed with glue, making it difficult to replace. If you're buying an old used MacBook, make sure to check out reputable sites like that guarantee MacBooks and other devices for 12 months. If you're wondering if your old MacBook is still worth it, a trusted site like can make it easy to find out the value right away. With a trade-in tool, you can find out the value of your old Macbook and other Apple devices in about a minute.

Why is MacBook expensive?

MacBook and other Apple devices tend to be expensive to keep their value for years. Also, Apple's ecosystem includes free upgrades to new operational systems and many free apps that are not included in Windows computers. MacBook and MacBook Pro are less maintenance-intensive and have fewer problems than their PCs in the same class, so their long-term total cost of ownership is actually cheaper than MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Can I sell MacBook to Gizmogo?

While you can sell your laptop or MacBook on Gizmogo, it's probably better to use a site that is experienced in MacBook and MacBook Pro, such as If you check, you've received an A+ rating on BBB, and Google Review, Facebook, Yelp, and Reseller Ratings have all sites rated 4.5 or higher. With, you can trade in MacBooks up to 10 years old. If you use the serial number estimation tool or set up your Apple computer manually, you will see its value in about a minute.

Is the estimated amount guaranteed?

Yes. We guarantee that you will pay the full amount of the quote as long as you have accurately described the product. In the unlikely event that the product you sent is different from the initial quote you offered, we will dispatch you an email with the revised quote amount and a picture describing the problem.

Is personal information shared with Gizmogo safe to sell MacBook?

Yes, all personal information is stored securely on Gizmogo. We do not share or sell your email, phone number, address, or other information with others. Rest assured that your details are kept hidden and safe.

Do you accept old or damaged devices?

Yes! Regardless of the state, we accept a large number of various electronic devices. To find out how much a broken device you have is worth, look for it on our website, select a model, and show the status; you can immediately receive a quote. If it is worth it, we will compensate accordingly. If it is not worth it, we will recycle it responsibly or return it to you.

You assessed my device, but the amount of payment was different from the estimate I received when I first ordered it.

A: There are several reasons why the payment amount changes after the assessment:

  • Did not accurately select the state of the equipment (the most common case).
  • There is a defect not stated in the order form.
  • You have selected the wrong device or device model when the order is complete.
  • Our support service team will be happy to answer any other questions about the change in the quote.

Q: When will I get paid?

If the equipment estimate is accurate, we will pay immediately after the inspection. In the unlikely event that a product that is different from the estimate arrives, we will notify you by email, so please check there, or we will return the product at our expense.