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Sell Samsung laptop online to fund the most updated model of laptop! You can trade in your used Samsung laptop in any state, even broken! We offer you an easy trade-in cash to buy back all your electronics, offer an alternative to electronic waste, and put money in your pocket!

Just select the features and state of your device, and you will receive the offer. Once you have received the offer and accepted the price, and sell Laptop easily. Enter your information to receive a free shipping label, and select the payment method you want. We will ship the goods free of charge and receive the price within a few days after receipt. We guarantee to sell your used electronics quickly and easily.

Want to sell my Samsung laptop online?

Of course, the price of your laptop depends much more on its operating state and what it has inside. Whether your device has an internal processor of Intel or AMD, comes with a built-in webcam or is poor/non-operating, you can sell your Samsung laptop for a competitive price. When it comes to really selling laptops, you need to realize that Samsung creates, produces, and manufactures some of the best gadgets for business and leisure. You cannot get exactly what it is worth, but you can still get a lot. Sell Samsung Laptop to Gizmogo

Where to sell your Samsung laptop online:

To sell a Samsung laptop, Gizmogo is the ideal platform. Gizmogo, highly valued by Trustpilot, provides immediate payment upon completion of the product. Easily sell MacBook Pro to not only get cash but also contribute to environmental sustainability and resource protection.

About Gizmogo

Gizmogo is a leading platform for selling tech Gadgets and get the best value. Ensure a seamless experience with a user-friendly interface. We provide the highest value to your electronic devices and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through environmentally friendly recycling. Trust Gizmogo for hassle-free transactions and explore a variety of certified and maintained devices.

Samsung laptop models accepted by Gizmogo:

  • Samsung Galaxy Book (1st generation to latest)
  • Samsung Notebook (1st generation to latest)
  • Other Samsung Laptop Models

These series include various models, such as the Galaxy Book Flex, Galaxy Book Ion, Notebook 9, and others. For a detailed and up-to-date list of specific models within these series, please check the official Samsung website or contact Samsung's customer support. They will have the latest information on the available Samsung laptop models.

How to Prepare to sell Samsung Laptop online?

To sell a Samsung laptop online is a bit scary. You probably invest a lot of time in using the computer, and it's packed with all your personal stuff. Also, we want it to be in the best working condition before selling it out so that it sells best. That's something you need to do.

File Backup to sell used Samsung Laptop.

First and foremost, make a full backup of your entire system and a backup of your files. Backup is an essential step when you need to undo changes for some reason. Also, backing up files is useful for keeping a copy of all files that can be restored on other devices.

There are many third-party solutions available, but Windows 10 includes built-in backup-to-system image capabilities for backing up installation, configuration, apps, and files.

Back up files using OneDrive before Sell Samsung Laptop

It is also recommended that you create a separate backup of your files to make it easier to move your photos, videos, and documents to another computer. The easiest way to back up your files is to move them to the OneDrive folder and wait until they are synced to your account. If you're already using a cloud storage service, all your files will already be backed up on the cloud. If that's the case, you can set up OneDrive on your new device, and it's very easy to transfer.

Wipe a hard disk to Sell Samsung Laptop online.

This is probably the most important thing to do before selling your laptop. Not only physically deleting all files but also wiping the hard drive clean ensures that all data (not only individually licensed software provided by the company but also storage devices) is permanently deleted from your laptop without leaving any traces or the possibility that it will be retrieved again. Disk Wipe is necessary because, in so doing, you will overwrite the entire hard disk several times, and once you format the machine, it turns out that it is virtually impossible to get back the old data. In this way, data can be protected from being restored to anyone. Free cleaning software is easily available online.

Make it Shiny before sell Samsung Laptop.

It is not enough just to protect the laptop from the inside. Clean your computer and make it look as good as possible. Good-looking things always sell quickly, and well-groomed computers work more efficiently than usual. First,

  1. -Turn off the laptop and use a duster to remove garbage.
  2. - Soak the cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol and lightly rub every part of the keyboard to remove dirt. If you have too much alcohol, you may discolor, or the letter of the key may disappear, so you should include a moderate amount of alcohol in the cotton swab.
  3. - If you are missing some of the keys on your keyboard, we recommend replacing the keyboard.
  4. - You can remove dust with a soft, clean cloth and polish your laptop. Clean the monitor by carefully wiping the dirt and fingerprints to give it a neat look.

Clean your laptop, it will look aesthetically attractive, and it will be easy to do anything to sell. Your laptop should now be suitable for sale with a new similar look or passed to its next owner. Click on the pictures of some of your new-looking laptops and post them online to attract the biggest clicks.

How do I know the model and configuration of my Samsung laptop?

As more and more laptops are looking for, it's more and more important to know their models and configurations. Whether you are troubleshooting a problem, upgrading a component, or simply interested in the functionality of a device, checking the specifications of your laptop is essential.

For Windows Laptops

  1. Check your laptop model:

Press the "Windows" key on the keyboard or tap the Windows icon on the taskbar to open the Start menu.

  • b. Type System Information in the search bar and press Enter.

In the System Information window, under "System Model" or "System Manufacturer," there is information about the model of the laptop.

  1. Verify your laptop configuration:

To check your laptop configuration, press "Windows," type "System" in the search bar, and select "System" from the search results.

  • b. Here, you can see information such as the processor, installed RAM (memory), system type (32-bit or 64-bit), and other specifications.
  1. Use third-party software (optional):

For a more in-depth overview of hardware and software, third-party software such as CPU-Z and Specification can be used to gather information about your laptop configuration. These tools provide detailed information such as CPU, RAM, motherboard, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions: Sell Samsung Laptop

How do I sell Samsung laptops?

Selling your old gadget at the best price on Gizmogo is not easy. Here is how to do it.

Compare quotes - Let's use the search bar to search for Samsung laptops and look at all current prices from recyclers.

Send a device - select a quote and click to enter your details. The recycler will send you a shipping pack, so please mail your device.

Get paid - Once the recycler has received and confirmed your gadget, you can make the payment by bank transfer, check, PayPal, or any other method. That's very simple.

Why sell your Samsung device on

There are a lot of gadget recyclers working a little differently, providing different quotes for all your old devices. Gizmogo, however, you can see many offers as we can find on your Samsung laptop in one place. You can look at them all side by side, compare buyers, and choose what gives you the most cash and the best deal.

Selling your old devices is always a good choice than throwing them away. For starters, you can be paid for them and get some extra cash to put on your next laptop. Similarly, it is much more environmentally friendly - the recycling company makes sure that the old gadgets are reused, modified, or disposed of in a safe way.

Can I sell a broken Samsung laptop online to Gizmogo?

Many technology recyclers are certainly buying broken gadgets, but Gizmogo is at the Top. Just find your device on our site, select the "broken" condition on the comparison grid, and we will show you all current offers, from recyclers to broken or broken Samsung laptops.

You will usually get less cash than you would for a device that works, but you can still get something much better for the environment than just throwing it away by sending the old gadget to the recycler.

Where can I sell my Samsung Laptop online?

You can sell your Samsung Laptop for cash on various trade-in sites. Ensure the platform offers cash payments through check or PayPal instead of gift cards. Verify the site's reputation on Google and Reseller Ratings. stands out as a trusted place to sell Samsung Laptops, with a fast and easy trade-in program trusted by over 100,000 customers. The review is highly rated in the trade-in industry.

How much can I sell my Samsung Laptop for?

The value of your Samsung Laptop depends on factors like its year, functionality, and overall condition. Use a reputable trade-in site like to get an instant quote. Simply enter the serial number and answer a few questions to receive payment via PayPal or check in about a minute.

My Samsung Laptop isn't on your list; how can I place my order?

Order as an Unknown Device and proceed with the order. Review the accepted electronics list on to ensure your Samsung Laptop falls within the accepted classifications. Take advantage of fee-free shipping to send your laptop, get evaluated, receive a quote, and choose to sell or return it.

Can I sell a lost or stolen Samsung Laptop? does not accept lost or stolen devices. Immediate action is taken involving law enforcement if a device is reported as lost or stolen. Contact your mobile carrier to resolve any mistakes before selling.

How long can I still use my old Samsung Laptop?

Most Samsung Laptops work for about 7-10 years on average. If functional, they retain value for more than ten years. Battery issues are common, but reputable sites like offer a 12-month guarantee on devices, making them a reliable option for determining your old laptop's value.

Why are Samsung Laptops expensive?

Samsung Laptops, like other Apple devices, tend to be expensive due to their value retention over the years. The Apple ecosystem, free OS upgrades, and exclusive apps contribute to their cost. Samsung Laptops require less maintenance, have fewer problems, and offer a lower long-term total cost of ownership compared to other laptops.

Can I sell my Samsung Laptop to Gizmogo?

While Gizmogo accepts various laptops, it's recommended to use a site specializing in Samsung Laptops., with an A+ rating on BBB and high ratings on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Reseller Ratings, accepts Samsung Laptops up to 10 years old. Use the serial number tool to determine its value in about a minute.

Is the estimated amount guaranteed when I sell my Samsung Laptop?

Yes, Gizmogo guarantees the full amount of the quote as long as the product is accurately described. In case of any discrepancies, an email with the revised quote amount and a picture describing the problem will be sent.

Is personal information shared with Gizmogo safe when selling my Samsung Laptop?

Yes, all personal information is securely stored on Gizmogo. They do not share or sell your email, phone number, address, or other information with others, ensuring confidentiality and safety.

Do you accept old or damaged Samsung Laptops?

Yes, Gizmogo accepts a variety of electronic devices in various conditions, including old or damaged Samsung Laptops. Use their website to find out the worth of your broken device by selecting the model and its status to receive an immediate quote.

Why did the payment amount change after assessing my Samsung Laptop?

Several reasons can cause a change in the payment amount after assessment, including inaccurate equipment state selection, unreported defects, or selecting the wrong device or model during the order completion. Gizmogo's customer service team can address any questions regarding changes in the quote.

When will I get paid after selling my Samsung Laptop?

If the equipment estimate is accurate, payment will be made immediately after inspection. In the rare event of a different product arriving, an email notification will be sent, and you can check for updates there.