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Sell MacBook 12-inch (2016)
Trade in Instructions
1.Only original laptop will be recycled.
2.Please unlock your Laptop and sign out from your iCloud account before shipping.
3. How to remove your iCloud account from your devices? See Details.
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MacBook 12-inch (2016)

MacBook 12-inch (2016)


Devices over time change and upgrade to a better, more portable, and easier to use model. I can bet no one would fancy carrying a Blackberry bold four or an iPhone 3 at this point. After a couple of years, some phones begin to look very unattractive and worn out.


Users with these types of phones know it’s time to get a new phone. Once the time has come, and your device no longer looks attractive anymore, you begin to start asking questions like Where do I sell MacBook 12-inch (2016)?” “where do I sell my MacBook 12-inch (2016) for cash?” “How do I trade in MacBook 12-inch (2016)?”. If these questions haven’t crossed your mind, they would sooner or later


Do you want to know the reason why these questions shouldn’t bother you at all? Well, it’s because you are in the right place! We have all the information, descriptions, and steps on how to sell your MacBook 12-inch (2016) or trade it in, are right here at the tip of your fingers.   


We would get to all the information you need on how to sell MacBook 12-inch (2016); in a bit, however, we must first discuss an overview.


The MacBook 12-inch (2016) laptop has a sixth-generation Intel Core M processor. These dual-core CPUs run at speeds of up to 1.3 GHz – up to 3.1 GHz through Turbo Boost technology. In addition, They are supported by 8 GB of RAM for seamless usage.


The device uses a new Intel HD Graphics 515, which offers up to 25% faster graphics performance. The MacBook 12-inch (2016) sports a spectacular 12-inch Retina display. There is a full-size keyboard with a Force Touch trackpad on the laptop as well.


The MacBook is further enhanced by using faster PCIe-based flash storage of up to 512GB capacity. In addition, the device is equipped with a 41.4WHr Li-polymer battery that guarantees 10 hours of wireless web surfing or up to 11 hours of movie playback on iTunes.


The MacBook features a multifunctional USB Type-C port used for data transfer, charging, and video output. It also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and the latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac for high-speed wireless connectivity.


Phone upgrades would always be inevitable, so you do not have to think so much about if there would be a need to sell your MacBook 12-inch (2016)?

Sell MacBook 12-inch (2016)

Everyone aims at bagging the best deals once the time has come to sell MacBook 12-inch (2016). Here are two ways you can explore once the time comes;  

sell MacBook 12-inch (2016) for cash

trade in MacBook 12-inch (2016)


Given, the two methods above can guarantee you a great deal; however, certain factors affect the value you receive when you want to sell MacBook 12-inch (2016). These factors range from marketing fluctuations to the quality of the device. Regardless of these factors, Gizmogo guarantees maximum value when you sell MacBook 12-inch (2016).

Sell MacBook 12-inch (2016) for cash

Irrespective of your reasons, when you want to sell MacBook 12-inch (2016) for cash or trade it in, it is essential to unlock your device and wipe it of all sensitive information. Once you have done this and can ascertain your device is functioning correctly, you can go ahead to sell MacBook 12-inch (2016) for cash.

Trade in MacBook 12-inch (2016)

We had ascertained earlier that to sell your MacBook 12-inch (2016), you have to either do it for cash or trade in MacBook 12-inch (2016).  


To kick start this process, there is a need to ascertain if you want to sell your MacBook 12-inch (2016) or trade in MacBook 12-inch (2016);


Before you proceed with your journey of selling, here are a few questions you need to ponder on

Have I signed out of the Cloud account? (if it applies)

Is it reset and back to factory settings?

Are all of the features functioning properly?

Is the OS working properly?

Have I unlocked it


The above questions above are pivotal and should not be overlooked when you want to sell your MacBook 12-inch (2016) or trade in MacBook 12-inch (2016) for another. Do not forget to cross out all the questions listed above when you want to sell your MacBook 12-inch (2016) or trade in MacBook 12-inch (2016); it could save you a lot of stress.

Features and capabilities

There are many online websites to sell your MacBook 12-inch (2016) or get an upgrade; however, to get good money for the device, it is best to trust Gizmogo. You must not forget the critical information stated previously; erase all sensitive information before you sell MacBook 12-inch (2016). Let’s explore the features and capabilities.

Capacity info


Size and weight info

Weight: 720 grams ( 32.4 ounces)

Height: 13.1 mm (0.5 inches)

Width: 280 mm (11 inches)

Thickness: 197mm (7.8 inches)


Display info

IPS technology

12 inches display

Force Touch



Gesture support

2304 x 1440 pixel resolution at 226 PPI



Water-resistant info


Memory Cards



Chip info

Processor: Intel Core M dual-core Processor

System: OS X El Capitan

Camera info

480p FaceTime camera


Video info  




Extra Features

Dual Mic

Stereo Speakers

Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac





Space Grey

Rose Gold


Gizmogo offers you value and top-notch services when you want to sell MacBook 12-inch (2016). You deserve the best, and you should not settle for less when the time comes to sell MacBook 12-inch (2016).


You are assured of the best prices and best deals when you want to sell your MacBook 12-inch (2016); whatever your reason is to sell your MacBook 12-inch (2016), ensure you get the best.


On Gizmogo, you will love the convenience and affordability when you want to sell MacBook 12-inch (2016) or any other phone.


So, as long as your reason to sell MacBook 12-inch (2016) is legitimate, we would sell your device.