How To Sell Cameras Online

How To Sell Cameras Online

While people often think of phones, tablets, and laptops, selling a camera online can be a way to make some cash from old goods, too. Here’s some of Gizmogo’s tips to help

What To Do Before Selling Camera

Getting your camera ready for sale is the way to get the highest price. Here are key areas to focus on.

Protect Privacy

Cameras don’t have the privacy concerns of a phone or laptop, but you still don’t want to leave memory cards, identifying stickers, or items slipped in the bag for others to abuse. 

Assess Condition

Honestly, assess your camera. Does it have scratches or chips? Are there loose buttons? Disclose these in the listing so people know what to expect from the start. 

Find Original Packaging & Accessories

For cameras, especially, being able to offer the extra accessories can make it a much more appalling process. While you might get a sale without any of the items, it’s going to be easier and better to take a few moments to find them. Plus, what are you going to do with them later? 

Take Photos

Let’s photograph your camera! It seems odd, but giving clear photos so people know what they are buying is a great way to attract attention, cut down on questions, and generally make for a hassle-free sales process. Blurry pictures turn people off- especially on a camera listing!

Decide Where To Sell Your Camera

Once your camera is ready, it’s time to decide where to sell your camera. You have two major choices here. While both can be initiated online, one will require a real-world meetup, whereas it’s typical for the other to take place completely online without a meetup. Each has pros and cons. Let’s take a look. 

Sell Camera In-Person

In-person ways to sell a camera include listings like Craigslist and auction-type sites like eBay. It can be a lucrative way to sell the phone, but it’s also typically a slower process. You will have to be prepared to deal with people asking (sometimes stupid) questions for more photos or simply trying to beg, browbeat, and pressure you into giving them the device for less. Remember that some of these platforms take fees, too. Above all, protect yourself from scams if you go this route. Don’t invite people to your home, but rather choose a neutral meeting zone. Only ever accept cash on the day, or you are open to scams.

Sell Camera Online

You can also sell your camera online to a second-hand electronics dealer. This will be a far less complicated process than selling in person, and you should receive a fair market value for the item, too. It is often the best way to get a safe, but fast, sale, and is ideal for people who don’t have the time or patience for a lengthy in-person sales experience. Or who doesn’t want to take the risks?

Introduction To Gizmogo

Did you know that selling on secondhand devices, instead of feeding them into the ever-growing mounds of e-waste causing problems in the world today, helps keep the planet healthier and happier too? Gizmogo is proud to offer a second-hand electronics buying service that helps you, the planet, and others too. It’s time to embrace the Gizmogo difference.

Why Sell Your Camera To Gizmogo

Still not sure how to sell a camera online? Gizmogo is here to take the hassle and worry out of getting cash for your old devices. Why not give our outstanding service a try today? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee you a fair market value for your device, based on its condition and specs, that you are sure to love. 

Quick Payment

Our payments turn around in 3-5 business days after you accept the Gizmogo quote, so there’s no waiting around.

Free Shipping

Worried about how to get your device to us? Gizmogo offers free shipping through both USPS and UPS, so your device is safe on its journey to us


When we receive them, we will also perform a top-end data wipe on all devices for your added peace of mind. Gizmogo is here to make selling second-hand electronics a breeze- why not try us today?