How To Sell A Samsung Galaxy Phone

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy phone to sell? Here’s some top tips from the Gizmogo team to make for a smooth process.

What To Do Before Selling a Samsung Galaxy Phone

How do you get a Samsung Galaxy ready for sale? Let’s look.

Protect Privacy

Phones often carry an amazing amount of personal data. There’s key things to do. Not only should you wipe the phone to factory settings, but you need to make sure key apps (like banking) and cloud services are unlinked from the phone, that all memory devices are removed, and that any ‘find-my-phone’ type services are canceled as well as moving off your data.

Assess Condition

Be honest about the flaws on your device. No one should be expecting a second-hand item to be pristine, but they don’t want nasty surprises. Catalog chips and cracks, and be open about them. You will still find buyers.

Find Original Packaging & Accessories

Not everyone keeps all the original goodies an item comes with- but if you do, it could pay off for you. The more you have to offer, and the closer to a ‘mint’ experience it comes, the more you can expect to get for the item.

Take Photos

Make sure to take good photos of your phone if you want to sell it. One blurry snap will make you look like a scammer. Take a front, back, and side view, and also take relevant pictures like one of the screen (either to show a crack, or show their lack) and any areas of damage or special features.

Decide Where To Sell Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

It’s time to sell your Samsung Galaxy Phone. You have two basic types of sales. One will start online, but need you to hand over the device in-person. The other can stay fully online if that suits you better. Both have their pros and cons, so let’s take a look at both options in greater detail.

Sell Samsung Galaxy Phone In-Person

This is the method to sell a Galaxy phone most people will think of. You might list with Craigslist, Facebook Market, or use an auction site like eBay. Potential buyers will approach you, you make a deal, and pass the device on. It can be a good way to sell second-hand electronics, especially desirable devices like phones, but it can be a little frustrating. People are often rather annoying as you try to find the right buyer- think sad stories and outright begging for discounts, asking sometimes silly questions, or trying to get more and more (like free delivery) out of you.Once you find a good buyer, you will need to meet somewhere neutral and safe to make the handover. We advise you to only accept cash, as other payment methods can be falsified. Never, ever, invite the buyer to your home.

Sell Samsung Galaxy Phone Online

The other way to sell your phone is to simply use an online second-hand electronics dealer. This is often the faster way to offload the device, and does not need any face-to-face interaction. You will provide specs, the device will be inspected, and an offer will be made. If you accept it, the money will be paid over to you, and you are done. It’s very hassle-free.

Introduction To Gizmogo

Gizmogo is dedicated to the fight against ever-growing volumes of e-waste as well as creating happy customers. That’s why we take the greatest care to create a used electronics selling experience that will give you what you need, and help the planet too. If you’re looking for a simple, trustworthy, and effective way to sell your galaxy phone online, look no further.

Why Sell Your Samsung Galaxy Phone To Gizmogo

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Once the device reaches us, we will also perform a complimentary data wipe to help with your peace of mind, although we still suggest you do one pre-shipping, too, just in case.Don’t you think it’s time to try the Gizmogo difference today?