A lady wondering who’s better Samsung or iPhone?

So, who’s better Samsung or iPhone? Tough question

If smartphone models and companies were people, then the most asked question in the world of smartphones would’ve been who’s better Samsung or iPhone? Let’s treat them as individuals, or sports collectives and try to answer the said question.Samsung, or more particularly Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone have been the two most sold and, generally speaking, most popular cell phones not just in the US, but also worldwide. So, it is not surprising that these is the key question. When comparing Samsung and iPhone it can refer to a particular matchup between two specific models, the two that have been launched at the same time, or it can refer to the whole series more generally. We are going to have a look at the issue from both aspects and try to decide who’s better – Samsung or iPhone.

iPhone rules in the US, Samsung is more popular in Europe

If we look at the sales figures of the two giants we will notice two things – the iPhone seems to be a lot more popular in the US and there are a lot more iPhones compared to Samsung Galaxy phones, both at the moment, as well as in terms of total sales, whereas the Samsung Galaxy tends to be more popular in Europe and throughout most of the world.However, during the last quarter of 2019 something extraordinary happened. Namely, Apple managed to sell more phones for the first time in years. The figures were pretty impressive, Apple sold almost 73 million iPhones, whereas Samsung sold about 70 million Samsung phones.In the first quarter of 2020, primarily due to the whole Covid-19 situation, both companies sold fewer smartphones, but the market is bound to consolidate and we’ll see what 2020 brings.

The OS is the key to the question

We won’t speak much about design and what each phone looks like, as this is the least objective parameter, and more a matter of personal preference.As for screen quality, despite the fact that Apple did increase the display resolution on some of its newer models, it seems that it still can’t match or beat its competition and if we compare like for like, i.e. models that belong in the same category and were launched roughly at the same time, the Samsung model will have better screen quality. When it comes to display, the two are using different display types. The Samsung uses dynamic AMOLED, whereas iPhones feature XDR OLED Super Retina display. The type used by Samsung allows controlling each pixel, but it also consumes more power and is generally less visible in sunlight.When it comes to cameras, that depends on the particular model, but Samsung Galaxy models tend to have one extra lens when compared against their iPhone counterpart. As for storage, again it is Samsung models that come with more storage space, not to mention the fact that iPhones don’t feature micro-SD cards, so that could be a bit tricky.The operating systems are what makes the two cell phones quintessential different, so whether you prefer iOS or Android will give you the answer to the question – Who’s better, Samsung or iPhone?