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Is the Nintendo Switch Lite a good cheap console?

Since it came out in 2017, the Nintendo Switch became very well-liked for its special feature that lets you play games on your TV and also as a handheld device that you can take anywhere. Then, in 2019, Nintendo brought out the Nintendo Switch Lite – this is a cheap console that you can only use as a portable device without connecting to your TV. Is the Switch Lite a suitable choice for those who seek an affordable console to play games while traveling? We should examine this more carefully.

What Makes the Switch Lite a Great Cheap Console Option

Several important factors make the Nintendo Switch Lite a good option for those looking for an affordable, easy-to-carry game system.

1. The Switch Lite Offers a More Affordable Price Point as a Cheap console

The main attraction of the Switch Lite is certainly its cost. It has a price tag of $199, which is a whole $100 less than the regular Nintendo Switch version. For gamers who are careful with money and wish to play the great selection of Switch games, the Lite version is definitely the most cost-effective choice to enter into the world of Switch – presenting itself as an attractive low-cost console alternative.

2. The Switch Lite is Optimized for Portable Play as a Cheap console

The Switch Lite is made just for playing by hand and you cannot plug it into a TV. This lets Nintendo make it smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to carry around than the normal Switch. It has a 5.5-inch screen that you can touch, but the usual Switch comes with a bigger 6.2-inch screen. The Lite version has a traditional D-pad on the left side, instead of separate buttons for each direction. Because of its smaller size and non-removable controllers, this device is more convenient for carrying around and also costs less.

3. The Switch Lite Enjoys the Same Great Library of Games

Besides the requirement for different Joy-Con controllers for some games, the Switch Lite is compatible with all the same games as the regular Switch. This encompasses Nintendo’s outstanding primary titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and more. Additionally, there is a large selection of independent and third-party games on offer. The Switch library has options to suit all kinds of players.

Accessories to Enhance Your Switch Lite Experience as a Cheap console

While the Switch Lite is a good device by itself, there are some affordable accessories that can make your time with this economical console better. Suggested extras include:

  1.       A screen protector to prevent scratches and cracks on the Lite’s plastic screen
  2.       A strong argument for bringing your Lite along and protecting it from bumps and drops.
  3.       A portable battery charger to extend your play sessions away from outlets
  4.       A microSD card to expand the Lite’s built-in 32GB storage for more room for extra digital games and save data.
  5.       A comfortable grip case to make longer handheld sessions easier on your hands
  6.       You need a USB-C to USB-A adapter to connect standard USB devices and accessories with your Lite.

The positive aspect is that these additional items are quite affordable, complementing the Switch Lite’s status as an economical gaming device. By spending only a little more money, you can significantly improve the usefulness and flexibility of your Switch Lite. To make your game time longer, make traveling easier, have more space for games, or to better your playing experience in general, there are many cost-effective add-ons you can get that match with Nintendo’s budget-friendly handheld console which let you take complete pleasure in using this low-priced gadget.

Considerations Before Buying the Switch Lite as Your Cheap console

While the Switch Lite is priced nicely, it’s necessary to think about potential downsides prior to making a decision on purchasing it as your primary gaming device or for its lower cost.

1. No TV Output on this Cheap console

The most important feature that the Switch Lite lacks is its inability to link with a TV for gameplay on a bigger screen; it’s designed solely for portable playing. Should you think about sometimes linking your Switch to a TV, spending extra on the regular Switch instead of the Lite model might be a smarter choice. Over time, despite its higher initial cost, it could provide better value.

2. The Switch Lite’s Screen is Smaller

The screen of the Lite, being 5.5 inches, seems noticeably smaller than the usual Switch’s display that measures 6.2 inches. It is still nice to view and it functions nicely for use during travel but some people could feel it’s a bit small in size, especially if there are many words to read in games. Before you choose it as your affordable gaming system, I suggest testing a sample device in the store to see if the Lite’s smaller screen is acceptable for you.

3. Certain Games Aren’t Compatible with this Cheap console

Some Switch games require removable Joy-Con controllers, which the Lite version lacks. Moreover, specific games are designed for play on a table or TV and aren’t compatible with handheld mode. If you select the Switch Lite because it is more affordable, remember that certain games cannot be played on this device. These include titles such as 1-2-Switch, Super Mario Party, and Nintendo Labo.

Who is the Switch Lite Best For as a Cheap console?

The Switch Lite is the ideal cheap console for:

  •                     Gamers on a budget who still want access to the Switch’s excellent library
  •                     Players who do most of their gaming on the go and value portability
  •                     Kids or other people who mainly want to carry it around for their own use.
  •                     If you own a Switch and seek an inexpensive second device for travel use.

However, it might be more suitable for you to choose the standard Switch over the Lite version if:

  •                     You want the flexibility to play in both handheld and TV modes
  •                     You play a lot of multiplayer games and need detachable controllers
  •                     You prefer gaming on a bigger screen, even in portable mode
  •                     You don’t mind spending extra for the additional features

The Switch Lite is an Excellent Cheap Console for Handheld Gaming

Generally, it is clear that the Nintendo Switch Lite represents great value as an affordable handheld gaming device. Even though it does not have all the versatility of the regular Switch, it still provides a large part of what makes the main Switch experience and access to many games for a lower cost.

If you mainly like to use the Switch for portable gaming and are looking to spend less money, the Lite version is very suitable. It’s a really good affordable choice for children, as an extra console in homes where many people play games, or if you do not have much money to spend.

However, the Lite might not be the perfect option for all players. Numerous gamers will find themselves wishing for TV play capability, requiring removable controllers for specific titles, or desiring a larger display – despite it being pricier compared to an affordable console such as the Lite.

The best model for you will depend on what is important to you in gaming and how you plan to play with your Switch. No matter what you choose to buy, find a wide range of Nintendo devices only on Gizmogo.

It cannot be ignored that the new Switch Lite is an attractive addition to Nintendo’s range of consoles, offering a chance at enjoying the Switch experience for a lower cost. It’s absolutely a contender for best cheap console of this hardware generation.