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Is The Low Xbox 360 Price Justified in 2024 or Should You Just Get the New Series S

First of all, both the gaming consoles i.e. Xbox 360 and Xbox Series S are from Microsoft. Therefore, both gaming consoles share multiple features and specifications. However, the question is whether or not the Xbox 360 price is justified. So, to address this question a detailed review of the features, specifications, and compatibility of both gaming consoles is a must. Go through the blog, to check out the basic difference between the two gaming consoles from Microsoft and decide whether the low price of Xbox 360 is reasonable or not. In addition, also check out the shared features of the Xbox 360 and Xbox S series.

Xbox 360 Vs Xbox Series S: A Comparison

Xbox 360 is a 7th generation console with powerful performance with different games. The console is compatible with multiple game titles. The console has a huge library of games that allows one to enjoy a diverse range of games. In addition, the 360 gaming console is ideal for classical gaming titles like the Sega CD, SNES, and PS1. On the other hand, the Xbox Series S is designed to enjoy disc-free gaming at 1440p. The gaming console is available under different configurations and you can choose among 512 GB SSD or 1 TB SSD.

Go through the table below, to check out a comparison between the two gaming consoles and decide whether the Xbox 360 price is justified or not.

Xbox 360 Xbox Series S
This gaming console is affordable and contains a vast library of games. You can enjoy up to 593 more games. The Xbox series S gaming console involves 3 times faster CPU speed. Thus, ideal for fast-processing games.
Xbox 360 has the flexibility for the upgradation of hard drives. You can replace the hard drive to enhance the storage capacity. Comes with a powerful processor as the Xbox series S involves 3.75 TFLOPS higher floating-point performance
This gaming console has an optical disc drive that allows it to read data effectively from DVDs and Blu-Rays This Xbox Series S comes with a 9.5GB more RAM. More RAM means more processing and loading speed
Enabled with optical tracking that allows the device to track motion and gestures using a camera. So, by recognizing the player’s movement the Xbox 360 offers an enhanced gameplay experience. The gaming console features a 3.5mm audio jack that allows you to use the device with most headphones.
The gaming console also has a child lock system that enables you to restrict your child’s access to the device To ensure fast processing speed and graphical compatibility, the device features a 1065 MHz faster GPU clock speed

The gaming console is compatible to play up to 120FPS games and enjoy spatial sound quality Xbox Series S has a voice common feature that means you can use voice to control various functions

Xbox 360 Price Vs Xbox Series S

A big difference between the two gaming consoles is of price. Considering that Xbox 360 is an older version of the Microsoft gaming console. The price is lower than the latest S series of Xbox consoles. Go through the below table to check out the average price of Xbox 360 Price.

Xbox Models/Series Price
Xbox 360 4GB Console Price on Amazon $159.99
Restored Xbox 360 Elite 500GB $197
Xbox 360 Slim 4GB with Kinect Sensor (Restored) $184
Pre-Owned Xbox 360 Console $109
Xbox 360 E 4GB Console $148
Microsoft Xbox Series S $296.99

Features of Xbox 360 Gaming Console

Microsoft produced two versions of the Xbox 360 gaming consoles including the Xbox 360 Premium Package and the Xbox 360 Core System. The gaming console is powerful enough to be compatible with multiple games. This gaming console is powered by a 165-million transistor multi-core processor. In addition, supports excellent graphical features with a 500-MHz ATI graphics processor card with 10 MB of embedded DRAM. Apart from this, the gaming console supports up to four wireless controllers and has three USB 2.0 jacks. In addition, the gaming console has composite and standard video connections to be paired with a TV set. The main features that justify the Xbox 360 price are:

Powerful Process/CPU

Xbox 360 gaming console features an IBM power PC-based CPU with three 3.2 GHz cores. With this powerful processor, the console offers the best gaming performance and efficient power consumption. Apart from this, the processor is strong enough to process two threads simultaneously. This means one core is dedicated to gaming and another can produce quality sounds.

Custom ATI Graphics Processor

The gaming console has a Custom ATI graphics card with an ample 10 MB of embedded DRAM. The graphics card is integrated with different shaders including Pixel shaders and vertex shaders. The graphics card features help in providing better 3D graphics, morphing, and real-life animations.

Removable Hard Drive and Storage

This feature makes the Xbox 360 a customizable device and flexible for upgradation. The gaming console comes with a removable 20-GB hard drive. In addition, the Xbox 360 Elite has a removable 120 GB hard drive. You can remove the hard drive and insert an advanced drive to increase the storage capacity. Furthermore, the Xbox 360 supports up to two 64-MB memory cards.

Spatial Sound and Audio

The Microsoft Xbox 360 is integrated with multichannel surround sound. The sound technology supports up to 256 channels of 48 KHz and 16-bit digital audio. Notably, the gaming console has customizable soundtracks that allow to play audio and music tracks while enjoying the gameplay.

Online services

The gaming console is compatible with Xbox Live services. The live services allow you to avail multiplayer support, downloadable movies, music, and games. In addition, you can also do online surfing and meet other players.

Let’s Explore the Technical Specifications of Xbox 360

Check out the technical specifications of the Xbox gaming console to understand the compatibility and performance power. Technical specifications are a must to be compatible with several types of PC games. In addition, processing speed, noise, heat, and storage capacity can be determined by reviewing the technical specifications.

Technical Specifications of Microsoft Xbox 360

Brand Microsoft
Model Xbox 360
Release date November 2005
Console Family Microsoft Xbox 360
Console Type Home Console
Input method Disc
Hard Disk 4GB, 250GB
Processor 3.2GHz PowerPC Tri-Core
Graphics 512MB GDDR3 RAM
Ethernet Available
Weight 2.9kg
USB 4 USB 2.0 ports
AV Digital Output Composite video (S-Video); Component (D-Terminal), VGA

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In, conclusion the Xbox 360 is a low-priced gaming console because it is one of the initial versions of the Microsoft Xbox. However, this gaming device is ideal for entry-level gamers and for the classic game lovers. The gaming console is compatible with various PC games and also carries a vast library of games.

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