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All-in-one Best Gaming PC to Buy in 2024

Gaming PCs are available under a series of models from different brands. Gaming PCs are designed to meet the specific requirements of the latest games. So, choosing the best Gaming PC depends on several factors. Technical specifications, features, customization flexibility, and others are the key factors in determining the compatibility of any device.

In this blog, you will collect information about the top-performing gaming PCs in 2024. Additionally, a comparison between gaming laptops and PCs will help you in making the right decision. So, go through the blog to choose the best gaming PC and enjoy smooth and intense gaming sessions.

List of the Best Gaming PCs to Buy in 2024

Several brands of gaming PCs are available that claim powerful performance and advanced specifications. However, choosing the best PC may need some consideration. You can review the technical specifications, features, compatibility, customization score, upgrade options, and others.

Refer to the below list of the top gaming PCs to choose the best gaming PC.

Lenovo Legion Tower 5i

Lenovo Legion Tower 5i is at the top of the list, as this PC is a powerhouse for most of the AAA games. The PC shows excellent performance with the latest games and assures high-class processing and refresh rates. The gaming PC is integrated with an Intel Core i7-13700 processor along with Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Ti graphics. In addition, the gaming PC offers RAM of 16GB DDR4 and SSD storage up to 512 GB SSD extendable up to 1TB HDD. The gaming PC offers 1080p performance.

Additionally, the PC has cooling vents that produce an ample amount of RGB light. Moreover, the PC is available at competitive prices and involves different types of ports.

Alienware Aurora R16

Alienware Auota R16 gaming PC is next when it comes to the best gaming PCs. This is an ideal device for mid-range gameplay of 1440p. The gaming PC is powered by an Intel Core i7-13700F processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 GPU. Alienware Auota R16 shows the best performance with 1080p and 1440p games. In addition, the PC offers a broad connectivity selection, thus ideal for mid-range and professional games.

Refer to the table below to review some of the technical specifications of this gaming PC.

Desktop Class Gaming
Processor Intel Core i7-13700F
Processor Speed 2.1 GHz
RAM (as Tested) 32 GB
Boot Drive Type SSD
Boot Drive Capacity (as Tested) 1 TB
Secondary Drive Type SSD
Secondary Drive Capacity (as Tested) 1 TB
Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070
Operating System Windows 11 Home

HP Victus 15L – Buy the Best Gaming PC

HP Victus 15L is being considered as the budget gaming PC. The PC offers you a smooth performance on 1080p gaming. This gaming PC is compact and doesn’t require much space. You can also enjoy several accessible ports. HP Victus offers you an Intel Core i7-13700 processor. Furthermore, you can enjoy graphics up to Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060. The gaming PC assures ample space with RAM of up to 16GB DDR4 and SSD storage of up to 512 GB PCIe NVMe M.2. The best thing about this Gaming PC is that it offers affordability and cheap configurations.

Acer Predator Orion 7000

The Acer Predator Orion 700 is the most powerful gaming PC, ideal for professional gamers. The PC is designed for the hard-core level of gaming. The gaming PC comes with ARGB lighting and upgradable features. Acer Predator Orion is ideal to enjoy 4K gaming and excellent graphical features. Moreover, the advanced specifications include a 13th-gen Intel Core i7 – i9 processor. Graphics powered by Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 – 4090.

Additionally, the gaming PC offers 32 GB of RAM with DDR5 SDRAM. You can also enjoy a huge storage capacity of 1 TB SSD. However, this gaming PC is expensive and needs a good amount of investment.

Asus ROG G22CH

This is another compact-size gaming PC suggested for mainstream gaming. When considering the best gaming PC, choose this one for the best performance. The PC is integrated with Intel Core i9-13900KF and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 graphics. The PC is tested for producing 1080p frame rates. The gaming PC is loved for its enticing compact design and slick metal chassis. You can follow the table to review technical specifications.

Desktop Class Gaming
Processor Intel Core i9-13900KF
Processor Speed 3 GHz
RAM (as Tested) 32 GB
Boot Drive Type SSD
Boot Drive Capacity (as Tested) 1 TB
Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070
Operating System Windows 11 Home

Maingear MG-1

Maingear MG-1 is one of the best customizable gaming PCs. Thus, comes in the list of the best gaming PCs for the year 2024. This gaming PC comes with two configurations that include an Intel Core i9-14900K process and an AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D processor.

The gaming PC also has the best graphics with Nvidia RTX 4090 and AMD RX 7900 XTX. Similarly, the Maingear MG-1 offers two RAM configurations that include 128GB DDR4 and 64GB DDR5. The gaming PC is designed for a professional gaming experience.

Best Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptops

You may wonder about the difference between a gaming PC and a laptop. However, both are dedicated to extensive gaming. But there are some differences between a gaming PC and a laptop. Check out the below comparison to decide better when buying the best gaming PC.

Gaming PC Gaming Laptop
The gaming PC comes with a display, keyboard, and touchpad. PCs don’t have batteries and possess a lot of wired connections. Gaming laptops come with a built-in display, keyboard, touchpad, and limited wired connections.
Gaming PCs are easy to customize and upgrade. Gaming laptops are not flexible enough to customize and upgrade.
Gaming PCs are integrated with the latest specifications and hardware to run intense games. Gaming laptops also come with advanced processors and graphics cards. Gaming laptops are comfortable with the latest games.
The main difference is portability. Gaming PCs are not portable. However, some PCs are compact. Gaming laptops are portable and easy to carry along.
Gaming PCs are quiet and come with several cooling fans. But PCs consume more power than gaming laptops. Gaming laptops consume less power but generate more heat and noise than a gaming PC.
Gaming PC is a bit quicker during intense gaming sessions. PCs produce stronger lights and sounds during the gameplay. Gaming laptops have exceptional refresh rates with all types of games. Gaming Laptops are also lightweight.

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In conclusion, gaming PCs are ideal for mid-range and professional gaming experience. You can choose the best gaming PC by comparing specifications and technical features. Furthermore, several models of gaming PCs are available in the market. You can choose a compact, budget, or more advanced gaming PC. Moreover, to decide better a comparison of gaming laptops and PCs can be reviewed.

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