Which phone has a better camera – Samsung or iPhone?

Modern smartphones serve more than just one purpose. Everybody who owns a smartphone, which is pretty much everybody, is aware that in their pocket.

they have a very powerful device, a lot more than a phone. We use our smartphones to do quite a lot of things, notably, among other things – take photos. Especially younger folks. Statistics show that the average American takes at least 20 pictures a day. That’s 140 a week and over 7,000 photos a year. So, iPhone vs Samsung galaxy camera capabilities is an important thing to consider for anybody who is looking to buy a new smartphone.

How we compare cameras

How do we determine if one phone has a better camera and takes better photos than the other? Well, firstly we can evaluate the technical capabilities of the camera or the cameras. That’s the easiest way because by comparing the technical capabilities we get a pretty clear picture. However, that’s not always the most accurate way to compare two phones in terms of cameras. In addition to the technical capabilities there’s something that’s called personal preference. Someone might like how the colors appear on the iPhone, but not on the Samsung and they wouldn’t care which camera has better technical capabilities.

But, enough hypothetical considerations, let us actually compare the two latest flagship models and determine iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy camera capabilities

Price comparison

The latest flagship models are the iPhone 11 and the Galaxy S20. The iPhone 12 isn’t out at the moment of writing, so we will stick to the two that we mentioned previously. Even though we are interested in the cameras, we will also compare the prices. The iPhone 11 is a lot cheaper at this point. It’s starting price is $699, whereas the Galaxy S20’s price is $999.

So, regardless of what we say about the cameras, bear in mind that the Galaxy will set you back by $300 more.

The Galaxy is technically superior

The Galaxy S20 comes with three rear cameras, as opposed to the iPhone 11 which only features two rear cameras. The fact that the Galaxy has one rear camera more gives it a great advantage. The rear cameras on the iPhone are both 12MP cameras, one wide and one ultra wide.

The Galaxy S20 also features two 12MP rear cameras, but the third camera is a 64MP optical telephoto camera with a 3x zoom. On the other hand, the front camera on the iPhone is also a 12MP camera, whereas the Galaxy’s selfie camera is slightly weaker – 10 megapixels.

The iPhone 11 comes with better software options

People who know about smartphone cameras will tell you that the quality of the Samsung’s cameras pretty much justify the price difference. The 3x telephoto zoom sensor and the 64MP really stands out. The standard iPhone 11 doesn’t come with an optical telephoto lens. Instead, Apple only offers a camera that features a 2x optical telephone lens on the iPhone 11 Pro smartphones.

The iPhone tries to make up for this lower quality by offering a better selfie camera, but it is just a bit better compared to the Samsung’s front camera.

So again, if you put the technical features above everything and compare camera against camera based on the megapixels and the zoom capabilities then the Samsung Galaxy S20 is our winner here. But, as we mentioned above, this is just one side of the medal.

Hardware vs software

It is very likely that someone who doesn’t know a lot about phone cameras will base his/her decision regarding iPhone vs Samsung, which is better, on the technical capabilities i.e. the number of lenses and the megapixels. However, those who know a bit more about cameras will tell you that the overall quality of the photos, as well as the software is where the iPhone performs better.

In short, we can say that Samsung wins the hardware battle, whereas the iPhone is the winner when it comes to software. But what do software and photo quality mean really To put it simply, the iPhone 11 takes a lot better photos during the night, as well as in portrait mode. Despite its software superiority, the iPhone can’t compete with the Samsung Galaxy S20 when it comes to taking photos from a distance, using zoom.

Will the iPhone 12 feature four lenses

In a way, even if the iPhone and comes with just two as opposed to three lenses, it is a lot cheaper and you shouldn’t rule it out, unless you’re specifically interested in the zoom capabilities. Since we mentioned that we will soon get the latest iPhone model – iPhone 12, we want to have a look at its capabilities, at least according to the latest speculations.

Some leaked images show the iPhone 12 with four lenses. However, one of them might not be a lens, but a LiDAR sensor, as featured on the iPad Pro. It comes down to a matter of personal preference and what you value most in a camera.