Should You Buy A Smartphone Online

Should You Buy A Smartphone Online?

The unprecedented turn of events this year has made us realize we can buy absolutely anything online. From groceries to sweatpants, from curtains to furniture, people all over the globe have gone beyond the norms to buy products online.

Although buying a phone online has been a popular option for years, people still question its authenticity and reliability. If you buy iPhones from the store, you probably have wondered whether it is safe to buy one online, considering it’s a huge investment.

With this article, we aim to discuss the credibility of buying a smartphone online:

Advantages of buying a smartphone online

  • Discounted prices:

This is one of the biggest pros of buying a smartphone online. Most smartphone brands run online promotions to accelerate sales, and you can get a product at almost half the price if you pay attention.

Regarding iPhones, with every new upgrade, the previous version becomes available at lower prices. This makes it easy to get your hands on a much-desired product at very reasonable rates. Also, with an online trade-in option, you can get yourself a sweet deal.

  • Higher accessibility:

It is difficult to look for some particular brands offline. Not every store may have it. Especially for older versions that you may be interested in, it is impossible to get access to them in case the store doesn’t keep old stocks.

Some brands only sell online, removing the option to conduct a physical inspection unless you buy it. You can easily find every brand and every version online no matter when it was launched, unless the company has discontinued the product.

  • Pre-Booking:

One of the most exciting advantages of buying a smartphone online is that you can get your hands on a phone as soon as it launches by making a pre-booking. This ensures that you are amongst the first few customers to get your hands on a newly launched product.

Also, you can avoid the hassle of buying such products by standing in a long queue outside a store by just clicking on the pre-book option on the smartphone brand’s website and making the payment.

Disadvantages of buying a smartphone online:

  • Return policy:

Buying a smartphone online may not always give you the option to return it. Most brands have a replacement policy, not a return policy.

  • Warranty:

Although the warranty conditions are the same for an online or offline purchase, some brands do not cover all aspects of repair/return when you buy a smartphone online.

  • Lack of clarity:

Since you haven’t checked out a smartphone personally, you can only know about its features to a certain extent. It is impossible to understand a product completely just by seeing its pictures & videos or reading about its specifications.


The cut-throat competition between brands to provide the most interesting options to entice the customers may actually get you the best possible deals online. In conclusion, we would recommend checking a product offline first and then ordering it online so you get the best of both worlds.

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