xbox x

If I buy the Xbox X, should I sell my Xbox One?

Considering that Sony has announced the release of its PS5 console, it is hardly surprising that Microsoft will launch its Xbox X roughly at the same time. It makes sense since the Xbox One was released at the same time as the Sony PS4.For Xbox fans, 2020 is a long-awaited year. The new generation of Xbox will finally be here, and who knows what that might bring. It is certain that there will be long, heated discussions between fans of Xbox and fans of PS all over the world, and it is safe to assume that very few will be convinced by the words of their opponents. The price of the Xbox X has not yet been announced, but it is almost certain that it will cost more than its predecessor, so you should have more than $500 ready. I could sell my Xbox One, you might be thinking.

I want to sell my Xbox One; who is going to buy it?

Consoles are usually more expensive than the previous model and you probably need your Old Xbox One once you get the newer model. But where can I sell my Xbox One, is the next question that logically arises. Or better yet, who is going to buy it? Well, luckily, we at gizmogo buy old e-devices, including not just consoles but also smartphones, tablets, drones, media players, speakers, and more. So, yes, we will definitely buy your Xbox One, even if it’s not in working condition. Of course, you will get a lot more if your console is brand new or like new.How does that work? I know why I would sell my Xbox One, but why Gizmogo would buy it is probably your next question. And you have every right to ask that. Here’s how it goes. We recycle old electronic devices, and by doing that, we extract valuable metals. So, you get rid of an old device, in this case, a console, you no longer need and you get some cash for it and we get to recycle it together with loads of other e-devices and extract gold, silver, copper, and palladium. On top of that, it is good for the environment. It’s not just a win-win, it is a triple win.

How do I sell my Xbox One at Gizmogo?

You learned how gizmogo works and why we’re buying old consoles, now, let’s get to the specifics of the process and how you can sell your Xbox One.You can get a quote directly on the website. Just choose the type of device (console) and then select the type of Xbox One that you want to sell – Xbox One X, Xbox One (Call of Duty), Xbox One S, or the standard Xbox One. You could get up to $98 for the standard Xbox One, up to $134 for the Xbox One S, and up to a total of $198 for an Xbox One X. So, select the device, select the capacity, and the condition and you will get the amount that you can expect to get. We will send you a free shipping label, so you can send it an no extra cost.