Sell your used PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Sell your used PlayStation 5 (PS5)? Check out our guide

So you finally scored a brand new Sony PS5 . Maybe you managed to get your hands on the high-demand PS5 Pro and have no use for your old PS5 anymore. Or perhaps you just no longer have time for gaming and want to sell your used PS5 to put some extra cash in your pocket. But with so many options on where you can sell your old PS5, how do you make sure you get the most money for it with minimal effort on your part? If you still have in mind things like ‘sell my old PS5’ or ‘where can I sell my old PS5 for cash’ the answer lies in this post.

Look no further than Gizmogo. Gizmogo specializes in buying used consumer electronics in any condition while providing guaranteed quotes, free shipping, and secure payments. Read on to understand why you should sell your old PS5 specifically to Gizmogo rather than any other platform or retailer.

Why Should I Sell My Old PS5 to Gizmogo?

When deciding where to sell your old PS5 for cash, you likely considered places like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist or even trading it in at GameStop or Best Buy. And while those may seem like convenient options on the surface, they all involve major downsides and risks that just aren’t worth the hassle.

Selling privately requires vetting strangers who come to your house or coordinating meetings in random parking lots. It’s way too risky. Trading it into a retail store means accepting extremely lowball offers – we’re talking less than 50 cents on the dollar in some cases! That’s just leaving money on the table unnecessarily.

This is why you should strongly consider selling your old PS5 specifically to Gizmogo instead. Gizmogo eliminates all the major headaches associated with reselling consumer electronics safely for fair market value. Let’s explore all the reasons why Gizmogo is unequivocally simply the best place for selling your used PlayStation 5 console, answering your question – ‘where can I sell my old PS5 for cash’:

Instant Online Appraisal

Determine exactly how much cash Gizmogo will pay for your specific PS5 in under 60 seconds. Just answer a few quick questions about the PS5’s specs and condition and voila – guaranteed quote no negotiations required! If you are thinking ‘sell my old PS5’ you should go for none other than Gizmogo.

FREE Prepaid Shipping Label

Once you accept Gizmogo’s upfront no-haggle quote, they email you a prepaid UPS shipping label to securely send them to your system at zero cost or effort on your part. All you do is safely package it, add the label, and drop it off at any UPS store or schedule a free pickup. No printing anything or even paying for shipping materials. Couldn’t get any simpler!

Fast Payment

Gizmogo issues your payment within one business day after receiving and inspecting your PS5 via PayPal, Venmo, direct deposit, Apple Pay, or paper check – whatever you prefer. Get paid quickly with no waiting around wondering if/when payment will come through like with risky Craigslist buyers.

Unbeatable Prices 

Because Gizmogo buys tens of thousands of used game consoles and resells them to other markets abroad, they can pay significantly higher amounts compared to puny trade-in values from GameStop or Best Buy. Expect to get paid nicely for your used PS5 thanks to Gizmogo’s rare international wholesale channels hungry for used American electronics. Cha-ching! This is another reason to answer the question of  ‘where can I sell my old PS5 for cash’ with Gizmogo!

No Listing Hassles 

Avoid the pain of photographing your PS5 from every angle, writing some clever ad copy in hopes of standing out, and keeping track of 100 message threads with potential buyers. Gizmogo requires none of that tiresome listing stuff that inevitably leads to annoying lowballers and flaky buyers anyway.

Reputable Company 

While buying and selling privately comes with inherent risks when dealing with strangers online, Gizmogo is a licensed California company in business since 2021 with a flawless A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Feel completely confident you’ll get paid promptly and not somehow be scammed.

Gizmogo makes the entire process so fantastic simple that you’d be downright silly to consider any other avenue for getting cash for your PS5. Ready to turn that old gaming console into cold hard cash? Let’s cover exactly how to sell your old PS5 to Gizmogo in three quick steps answering your question of ‘Where can I sell my old PS5 for cash:

How do you sell your old PS5 to Gizmogo in 3 Steps?

  • Step 1: Request Your Quote Jump over to Gizmogo’s website and you only need to answer less than a handful of questions about your PS5’s specs and condition for them to generate a guaranteed quote. Be as accurate as possible to avoid any condition discrepancies later on. The whole process takes barely over a minute!
  • Step 2: Ship Your PS5 to Gizmogo Once satisfied with your no-haggle quote, Gizmogo emails you a free prepaid UPS shipping label to securely send them your old PS5 at no cost to you. Make sure your system is factory reset and then safely packaged along with any accessories. Slap that shipping label on the box, drop it off at any UPS location and you’re all set!
  • Step 3: Get Paid Quickly. Gizmogo will inspect and verify your system’s condition typically within 1 business after receiving it. As long as everything matches what you initially provided, expect lightning-fast payment on the same or the next business day via your choice of PayPal, Venmo, direct deposit, Apple Pay, or snail mail check. Yes, getting paid securely has never been simpler, thanks to Gizmogo’s streamlined process.

And that’s seriously all there is to it. Three straightforward steps to turn your old PS5 into quick cash thanks exclusively to Gizmogo that easily answers your question – ‘Where can I sell my old PS5 for cash.’ I couldn’t imagine an easier, more convenient way to sell your old gaming console for top dollar! Gizmogo is the best place to sell your Sony PlayStation S5.

Get Your Cash Quote in Two Minutes 

Still, have some lingering questions before you decide to sell your old PS5 to Gizmogo? Let’s cover some commonly asked ones:

  1. How much does Gizmogo pay for used PS5s? 

Exact cash quotes depend on the PS5 model, HDD size, accessories, and cosmetic condition. But expect significantly higher payouts — we’re talking 20-30% more — compared to insultingly low trade-in values from major retailers like GameStop or Best Buy.

  1. Does Gizmogo buy PS5s with issues or broken ones too? 

Yes! Gizmogo buys used PS5s in any condition since they export and refurbish systems deemed faulty or broken in the USA but perfectly salable abroad. Cracked screens, overheating issues, broken disc drives, and not powering on are all examples of systems they happily buy as is.

  1. Can I get paid the same day I ship my PS5? 

Once Gizmogo receives and verifies your system, payment gets issued within 1 business day, so turnaround is incredibly fast. For even faster payments, make sure bank account info is set up beforehand for direct deposit payouts vs waiting on a physical check.

  1. What is Gizmogo’s return policy if I change my mind after?

Any system quotes are binding legal contracts per Gizmogo’s Terms of Service. However, if the shipment gets lost by UPS along the way, simply alert Gizmogo and they will reinitiate payment once an investigation concludes.

  1. Does Gizmogo have good BBB reviews as a company? 

Yes, Gizmogo has been an accredited BBB business since 2021 with a flawless A+ rating after 1000+ positive customer reviews praising their secure electronics recycling trade-in services and fast payments.

Final words

Gizmogo has made selling your old PS5 incredibly easy, removing all the risks and disadvantages associated with private reselling or low trade-in offers.

You no longer have to deal with the uncertainty of Facebook Marketplace or the shady nature of Craigslist. Now, you can effortlessly turn your PS5 into fast cash without even stepping outside your house!

Ready to score instant guaranteed cash for your PlayStation 5? Simply visit and get a price quote in under 60 seconds after answering a few quick questions. Receive your prepaid shipping label to securely send them your old PS5 at no cost and then relax until payment hits your bank account within 1-2 business days once inspected.

Have you ever experienced such a quick and hassle-free process of selling your old PS5 and receiving cash instantly? Thanks to Gizmogo’s straightforward electronics trade-in system, you can now get the true value of your gaming console!