Sell or Trade in Your Old LG Phone

Trade in your old LG phone for cash if it’s just collecting dust.

That LG phone sitting in your drawer, collecting dust, could be worth some real cash in your pocket. Rather than letting an old LG device languish unused, trade it in and get paid. Learn why now is the time to sell LG phones and how to get the most money for your mobile trade-in.Many people indeed have old phones lying around. The average lifespan of a cell phone before getting a new one is less than two years, according to CTIA’s Wireless Industry Survey. If you have an old LG phone you don’t want to trade in, you might consider repurposing it or recycling it through a certified e-waste recycler.With the speed of smartphone innovations and releases in recent years, it’s no wonder the typical lifespan of these devices has decreased. Constantly hearing about and seeing flashy new phones makes the one in your pocket start to feel outdated fast.And when you do upgrade to a shiny new LG, Samsung, or Apple model, what happens to the old phone? For most of us, we simply stash that old LG device away in a drawer, closet, or box somewhere, never to be seen again.Out of sight, out of mind. But that trusty LG companion that saw you through countless life events does not deserve to fade into oblivion! Give that phone a fitting send-off and trade in your LG device for cash or gift cards with services like Gizmogo.

Why Trade in Your Old LG Phone?

You may be wondering why you should bother to trade in old LG phones. Valid question! Here are some excellent reasons to avoid just stockpiling your old device and sell LG phone instead:

Your LG phone still has value!

Even if that LG is a few generations behind the latest releases, it most likely retains a decent resale value, especially if it’s in good working condition. If you trade in old LG phone, you can convert the remaining value into spendable cash. It’s money freed up to use however you want rather than letting it depreciate endlessly in a drawer.

Trading helps the environment

When you decide on a new phone upgrade, what happens to the still functional old model? As mentioned above, most users simply store it away to gather dust, never using it again. All those millions of phones contain metals, minerals, plastics, and other materials that require energy and resources to produce. Recycling old electronics like trading in your LG, gives the materials new life instead of seeing phones piled up in a landfill.

Trade-in values may rise

Timing is everything when it comes to trade-in old LG phones. In general, leading up to the holidays, trade-in values increase across phones as demand goes up. This makes fall the optimal season to sell your LG phone for maximum value. Even for older generation devices, you can often net more cash close to the holidays.

Easy process

Mailing off an old phone to sell LG phone takes minimal effort. Most trade-in services provide free shipping kits delivered to your address. Simply box up the phone with any included accessories to send off. In 7-14 business days your cash payment processes, making the steps quite straightforward versus trying to sell yourself.

Extra security

When you decide to trade in old LG phone yourself, you deal with meeting up with strangers from Craigslist, OfferUp, or Facebook Marketplace. Buyers may flake out on show-ups or try to talk down prices in person. Trading in through mail-in services adds an extra security buffer that avoids awkward public meet-up situations.

How to Get the Most Money to Trade-in LG Phone?

Follow these tips and tricks to maximize the cash or gift card amount you can trade in old LG phone for:

  • Research trade-in values: Sites like Gizmogo allow you to input your specific LG phone model to view an instant estimated trade-in quote. Compare this amount to other popular trade-in platforms like Decluttr, ItsWorthMore, and BuyBackWorld to gauge the best payout. Values can fluctuate, so check back often around the holidays for sale bumps.
  • Prep your phone: Be sure to factory reset before you sell LG phone to wipe all personal data and remove any passwords, pins, and locks. Also, document and include any original chargers, cables, or accessories that came with the phone, as these can add bonus value during assessment.
  • Note condition details: When describing your LG phone’s condition, be honest but also highlight the positives when you trade in old LG phone. Mention minimal light scuffs vs deep gashes and scratches. Capture any readable IMEI and serial numbers to aid verification. If the phone powers on and functions, test the microphone, cameras, buttons, etc, thoroughly.
  • Ship carefully: Package the LG carefully so it does not get damaged en route to the trade-in center. Avoid low-cost shipping that provides no tracking or insurance. Pay a few dollars more for a tracked USPS, UPS, or FedEx shipment so you can confirm delivery to get paid.
  • Time for maximum trade-in savings: As mentioned above, trading in during peak shopping holidays not only nets the highest trade-in quotes but also overlaps with the most savings. For example, Gizmogo runs routine sales like cashback bonuses you can combine when you trade in old LG phone for mega savings.

What is the Best Way to Trade in an Old LG Phone?

The absolute best way to trade in that dusty LG sitting abandoned on your desk is by using a service like Gizmogo. As an industry leader in phone trade-in buys and resells, Gizmogo makes the entire process incredibly quick and hassle-free.After entering some basic device details online, Gizmogo provides an instant estimated value to trade-in old LG phone.If you are happy with the amount, they email a prepaid shipping kit for sending the device off, with the shipping label and everything already prepared for you. The packaging includes extra bubble wrap and protection to prevent any damage en route back to their facility.Once Gizmogo receives and verifies the phone matches the condition described, they process cash payment in just a few business days to the payment method selected during initial signup. Payments are processed via direct deposit, PayPal, virtual Visa prepaid card, or check by mail.Gizmogo also regularly promotes limited-time trade-in bonuses around peak shopping periods or when sourcing high-demand devices like certain LG phones.The influx of shoppers searching for phone deals around the holidays also positively benefits trade-in pricing across brands like LG. So, the next couple of months represent prime time to trade in old LG phone.For the ultimate LG phone trade-in values combined with process convenience, you will not beat service offerings from Gizmogo. It makes converting that unused LG, taking up space, into usable holiday shopping cash completely seamless. Hence, it shows that it is time that you trade in old LG phone.

Take Away – Don’t Let Your Old LG Collect Dust, Sell It!

Hopefully, the reasons outlined above convince you that rather than leaving an old LG phone abandoned in some dark, dusty place, it deserves a better sendoff!You invested a lot of time and money into that now “vintage” mobile device, keeping it charged and working over the years. So, show some respect for your previous pocket companion and trade-in old LG phone with Gizmogo this holiday season.Beyond some extra spending money, you will give that LG phone new life on recycling resale markets to the next value-seeking owner. And nothing feels better than making a large evil corporation give them money for electronics trade-ins!So, pull that LG phone out of the junk drawer or closet shelf, factory reset it to like-new, package it up carefully, and sell LG phone to Gizmogo to collect some cold, hard holiday cash!You can sell your old electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, and laptops, to gizmogo.