Sell LG G Online

Are you looking to sell your LG G online? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss how to sell your LG G online. We’ll cover everything from preparations to where you can sell it. So, whether you’re looking to upgrade to a new phone or simply want to get rid of your old one, read on for all the information you need!

What Is LG G?

The LG G is a smartphone that was released in late 2013. It features a high-resolution display, powerful camera, and sleek design. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to the latest iPhones or Samsungs, the LG G might be perfect for you!


The LG G is an Android smartphone developed by the South Korean manufacturer LG Electronics. The phone features a quad-core Snapdragon S800 processor clocked at up to two GHz, Adreno 330 graphics chip and a 720×1280 resolution display. LG G was released in four variants: the 16GB model (LG-D820), 32GB model (LG-D825), 64GB model with LTE support (LG-LS980) and an unlocked variant with LTE support (LG-D855).The Phone has a premium metal body which gives it an elegant look and feel. The device runs on Android Jellybean OS, which can be upgraded to KitKat using the LG PC Suite software. The phone is equipped with all connectivity options: Wi-Fi 80211 b/g/n, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC. The LG G comes with a 13MP rear camera that can record Full HD video, while on the front there is an impressive five-megapixel camera for selfies or video calling.The Phone has all the necessary sensors to work perfectly well in any environment: accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor.

Release Date

The phone was officially released on April 11th, 2013. The device is now available in over 30 countries and sold by various carriers like AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel Corp.


The LG G has a price tag of $500. The 32GB model costs $550 and the 64GB variant sells for around $600 in the United States market. In India, prices start from Rs 37,999 ($600). If you want to buy an unlocked version, prices start from around Rs 29999 ($500) in Europe.

How to Sell LG G Online?

When you want to sell your phone, how do you decide how much it’s worth? The answer depends on how old the device is and how many features it has compared to others in its price range. Some factors that can affect resale value include: age (newer phones generally have higher resale values), how popular the phone is, how many scratches and blemishes it has, how much storage space remains on the device, and whether or not the device is locked to a specific carrier.Before you sell your phone online, there are a few things you should do:

Back Up All Your Data

The first thing you’ll want to do is back up all your data. This includes photos, music, contacts, and any other important files. You can either use a USB cable to transfer the data to your computer or use an online backup service.

Clean Up Your Phone

Before you take pictures of your phone to post online, make sure it’s clean! Give it a good wipe down with a cloth and make sure there are no fingerprints or smudges on the screen.

Take Pictures of Your Phone

Once your phone is clean, it’s time to take some pictures! Make sure to take photos of the front and back of the device, as well as any scratches or blemishes.

Deactivate Your Phone Number

If you’re selling your phone to someone in the United States, make sure to deactivate your phone number. This can be done by calling your carrier and canceling your service.

Remove All Your Personal Information

Before you sell your phone, it’s important to remove all your personal information. This includes deleting your contacts, photos, and any other files that contain sensitive information.

Post Your Phone for Sale Online

Now that you’ve prepared your phone for sale, it’s time to post it online! There are a number of websites where you can post your phone, including Gizmogo.

Where to Sell LG G Online?

There are many websites that offer cash for used phones. You just need to create an account and fill in the information needed, then you can post your LG G for sale! One of the best websites to sell your LG G online is in Gizmogo.

Sell Your LG G Online In Gizmogo

Gizmogo allows you to sell your LG G online in just a few clicks. You can get an instant quote and they will send pre-paid shipping labels so you don’t have to worry about how much money it costs or how long it takes for the phone to arrive at their office. If your device is defective (water damaged, cracked screen), they will still buy it from you but at a lower price. You can sell your LG G online in just three easy steps:

  • Open Gizmogo website and search for your LG G.
  • Fill in the information needed about how much storage space it has, how old is it? And how many scratches does it have on its screen or body frame? You can also choose if you want them to buy even though there are defects on the device like water damage or cracked screen because of how much storage space remains on the device and whether or not it’s locked to a specific carrier.
  • After filling in all information needed, you will get your quote from Gizmogo based on how much storage space is left in your LG G phone. You can either accept the price offered by them and receive the payment via PayPal or any other medium as long as both parties agree, or you can negotiate with Gizmogo to get a better quote.

The LG G is a great phone with many features and options. If you’re looking to sell your old LG G, there are a number of ways to do it. You can sell it online through websites like Gizmogo, or you can sell it to a phone recycler. Before you sell your LG G, make sure to back up all your data and remove any personal information from the device. Also, be sure to take pictures of the phone and post it online for sale. Getting cash for an old LG G is easy and can be done in just a few minutes!