what’s best? Samsung or iPhone?

There are many phones, but what’s best? Samsung or iPhone?

There are many companies that produce smartphones. Some of them are more successful, some sell several millions, some sell tens of millions during and we can discuss whether a particular Lenovo model is better than a certain Huawei model, but there’s one question that’s quite interesting – What’s best, Samsung or iPhone. It is fair to say that the debate for the best smartphone is a two-horse race – it is always either Samsung or iPhone.Samsung is the name of the company, whereas the iPhone is a particular smartphone produced by Apple. So, we should be a bit more specific and say that we are comparing Samsung Galaxy S and the iPhone. The first Samsung Galaxy was released in 2010, whereas the iPhone was released three years later. We will give you a bit of a historical retrospective and see what happened in the past decade.

Both sell millions, but how did it all begin?

When the iPhone was released back in 2007, it marked the beginning of a new era. Even Samsung fans would admit that this was a revolution in the world of smartphones. During the first few years after the release of the iPhone there was no competition, the iPhone was by far more superior compared to all competitors.Even during the first one or two years after the release of the first Samsung Galaxy model it wasn’t  a closely contended battle. The question what’s best – Samsung or iPhone, produced a unanimous decision. Still, it didn’t take too long for Samsung to catch up and during the third quarter of 2012, Samsung managed to sell almost as many phones as Apple.Apple and Apple fans take pride in the iPhone’s functionality and how fast the phone is, whereas Samsung Galaxy’s strongest point is the hardware and the technological specifications. The main difference between the two phones is the operating system. As you probably know, the iPhone uses Apple’s proprietary iOS, whereas the Samsung Galaxy uses Android – an open-source system based on Linux kernel.

iOS vs Android

Both operating systems have their own pros and cons and those who have strong opinions about what’s best – Samsung or iPhone, tend to have strong opinions regarding the respective operating systems. Android guarantees customizability since it uses open source. The file transfer is quite simple on Android phones and widgets are supported.