A lady wondering how to sell iPhone on Gizmogo

Selling my iPhone – the whole process

iPhones are the most sought-after smartphones in the US. Statistics show that about 100 million Americans use iPhones. Of course, that’s not to say that iPhones aren’t in use elsewhere in the world, Apple sold over 217 million iPhones in 2018 alone. So, while there are millions who are buying iPhones, there are also people who are selling them, it’s the basic principle of supply and demand. When I sell my iPhone, what should I do, is a very legitimate question, and we are going to answer it for you.If you are thinking of selling your old iPhone, you have surely heard of Gizmogo and how we’re buying almost every iPhone model. Our prices are quite competitive as well. The price directly depends on the condition of the phone. For a newer model in a brand new or a new like condition, you can get a significant amount of money. In fact, for an iPhone 11 Pro Max you can get up to $854. When I sell my iPhone what should I do, as a question can be answered from at least two different angles.

The first and most obvious choice

In order to sell your iPhone at gizmogo, you should first select the model that you wish to sell, and give us a few specifics, such as its capacity, condition and whether the Apple ID is locked. We would also need to know your carrier, but that doesn’t have a significant impact on the price. Once you provide the IMEI number, so that we can confirm that this is the original phone, you will get a free shipping label and send us your phone.You also get to choose the payment method and there are few options available, such as bank transfer, PayPal and check. You will receive the funds within 24 hours after we’ve received your phone.

The first and most obvious choice

After we’ve told you how to sell your phone, we can go back to your original question – when I sell my iPhone what should I do, and that really depends on how much money you got for your phone, but also your priorities.If you are selling your phone because you’ve bought a new one, then investing the money into a new phone won’t be an option. However, if you’ve sold your phone without buying a new one, a reasonable thing would be to look for a phone, preferably within that price range.If you don’t need a phone, you can buy another device, like a smartwatch, or a tablet. If you had no intention of selling your iPhone, before you remembered that you have an old one lying around in a drawer somewhere, then perhaps you can treat yourself, to a dinner at that fancy new place you’ve been thinking of going, or that piece of clothing that you saw the other day. Either way, what you do when you sell your iPhone is completely up to you, the important thing is that, at gizmogo, you can sell pretty much any device, including not only iPhones and Android smartphones, but also drones, speakers and many more types of devices.