What’s better xbox x or ps5

Both X Box X and PS5 are gearing up for their respective launches in the holiday season of 2020. While both the mammoth gaming corporations have invested in several aspects of the consoles, there will be a clear winner between the two consoles.

There is no proper answer at present for the question of what’s better xbox x or ps5. Some specifications are missing, while others are incomplete to paint a clear picture of full potential and the current play style of both the games.

Moreover, we only had the chance to look at a few glimpses of the two companies’ gameplay, which has intrigued the gamers around the world, but we still have to wait for the actual result.

What’s better xbox x or ps5? The answer varies with the user

Eventually, when the consoles come out, the better console will differ from user to user. To clarify, No, I am not talking about the console fanatics with a favorite who will choose one over the other despite the specifications and the performance.

I am talking about the people who genuinely want to invest well in a new console and are putting efforts to figure out which one is better.


The significant factors for choosing xbox x or ps5

Games you enjoy: The first and foremost factor in deciding upon the console you want to buy is the games that you want to play. The truth is that you are investing in the console to play games that you enjoy. So, choosing the console that will have the maximum number of games that you will play is essential. So, look at the exclusive titles and other games before making the right decision for you.  

Your group of friends:

As a gaming community, you have a group of friends who you love to play your video games. Hence, you will have to understand that you might miss out on bonding experience with your friends if you end up not taking the same console.

The price point: The price of the console will have a significant role to play in the people’s decision. So, firstly you will have to look at the amount once it is announced. However, that is not the only factor. There are online subscriptions to play with your friends. Each game also has a cost attached to it.

In a lifetime, each one of these two consoles will ask you to spend money on various things, including games, repairs, controllers, batteries, and other equipment. It is best to know the long term cost of each console before deciding if you plan on being money conscious.

Overall gameplay: People like to talk about specifications when they are comparing consoles. However, once the gameplay for both the consoles is released, that will decide what’s better xbox x or ps5. Remember, the responsibility of the specification is to improve the quality of gameplay.


There is no right answer for what’s better xbox x or ps5? It genuinely depends on your preferences and your group of friends. Do your research, wait for all the information to come out, and then only make the best decision for you. Or, you could buy the console on launch day; I can’t tell you what to do.