Android 12 Sneak Peek: What to Expect?

Google is in the process of releasing its latest update to its operating system (or OS) with Android 12! Google has announced the Android 12 update for 2021 and has even released beta testing versions of the new OS. The software will be available on smartphones later this year. Because the beta testing versions of the new OS are available, we have a good idea of what will be offered in the new Android 12. Read on for a sneak peek at Android 12, and everything you can expect to see when you update your smartphone later this year!

What is Android 12?

A new OS version is typically released once annually by Google, with other smaller updates made throughout the year. Sometimes these updates result in small changes, such as bug fixes. Other times the new OS brings exciting updates to Android phones including brand new features. Android 11 is the current version of Google’s operating system available for smartphones. It was released in 2020, and it runs on most Android smartphones. Later this year Google plans to release Android 12. New phones will come with the OS pre-loaded, and many Android phones will be able to update their OS to the 12. Anyone who owns a Pixel 3 or newer version of the Pixel will be able to download Android 12. Plus, owners of the Xiaomi Mi 11, the OnePlus 9, and many others will have access to the new OS as well. 

Updates included in the Android 12

So what’s new in this update? Google has added a few exciting features with Android 12. A long-awaited update to screenshots, search that functions across apps, visuals updates, and more are all confirmed to be included in the current beta of the new OS. 

Automatic color: 

Google has confirmed that the Android 12 will update smartphones with a huge visual revamp! The visual update will include software called Material You. This allows users to have more choice over the design of their phones. When you upload a new wallpaper to the background of your phone, your OS will automatically change the colors of your system to match it. So if you upload a sunset, your phone will update to include pinks, oranges, and yellows throughout your system! 

Notification changes: 

On Android devices, there will be some updates made to the notifications. In the past, Android devices had round icons in the notification panel. Now, you’ll see rounded rectangles. This change makes them bigger so that they can have more information included. The increased size means that fewer icons can show at once, so this change could be inconvenient if you like being able to choose from a lot of options. However, you’ll be able to see more details at a glance. The notifications can also be included in the automatic color theme pulled from your wallpaper image as well. 

Privacy features: 

Privacy and security are an important part of cell phone usage and have become a big concern for many consumers. For that reason, Google has included some new privacy features for Android 12. This will allow users to determine how much data collection they’d like to allow with permissions settings. It also creates more transparency between apps and users, so that they know when their information is being collected. 

There will be a Privacy Dashboard, with a list of apps and a detailed list of how each one accesses your information. Smartphone users will be able to see exactly which app has access to what info, and when they’ve accessed certain applications including the microphone, camera, and your location. Consumers can also easily change these access abilities from the Privacy Dashboard. To access the Privacy Dashboard, users will be able to follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Settings app
  • Select Privacy
  • Then click Privacy Dashboard
  • You’ll then be able to view apps access levels and usage of your device

Scrolling screenshot:

You’ll now be able to capture more than just the screen you’re viewing on your smartphone. By using the scrolling screenshot feature, you can take a larger screenshot. For example, if you’re trying to capture an image of a recipe, but only half the ingredients fit on one screen you can follow these steps to get the entire thing:

  • Take a screenshot (on most Android devices, press the Power button and the Volume Down button at the same time)
  • Click the new Capture More button that shows up on the screen
  • Scroll down and add more content to your screenshot
  • Crop and edit the full capture

This helpful feature has been rumored for a while, and should now be a part of most Android smartphone’s functionality. 

Search across the device:

Google is improving the on-device search capacity with the Android 12. There will now be a feature that allows for searching across applications. This means that instead of opening up each device, you can search on the new feature AppSearch to find content. This should speed up search abilities and be a convenient upgrade for your Android smartphone.

Sharing Wi-Fi:

In Android 11 there is a cool feature that lets you share your established internet connection with someone else by having them scan a QR code on your device. Now, there’s an even simpler option in the Android 12 OS. There will be a Nearby button beneath the generated QR code, which will allow you to send the Wi-Fi information to anyone nearby. Since this cuts out the need to have someone scan your device, it’s a useful upgrade. 

New Emojis:

Android 12 is ushering in new and updated emojis. Google’s stated goal with this update is to include more globally recognizable pictographs. For example, the pumpkin pie slice will be transformed into a full pie with no fillings visible. Pumpkin pie is a fall favorite in the United States but isn’t commonly eaten anywhere else. 

Double-tap feature:

It’s likely that this feature will only be applicable on Pixel phones, but the new addition will allow users to take action by simply tapping on the back of their device. Those with compatible devices will be able to take screenshots, open notifications, launch Google Assistant, and more with a double-tap on their phone. 

Unused apps:

App Hibernation is an expansion of Androids’ existing system for unused apps. If you rarely use an app, the App Hibernation feature will keep the app on your phone but downgrade its usage. The downgrade means that your unused app won’t use up as much storage space, may restrict notifications, and take away its access permissions. This could be really helpful for Android devices with less storage space to spare. 

If you have an older phone, you likely won’t be able to update your phone to the new Android 12. That’s because phone’s with older hardware aren’t compatible with the advanced software update. Gizmogo can help you afford a newer version of your technology by getting you cash for your old Android