Selling Your Old iPhone? Here’s How You Can Get The Best Price

If you have an old iPhone lying around your office or home, have you ever thought of selling it?Here are the best ways to make sure that you get the highest price for your used iPhone.

  1. Clean your iPhone up

    Try to make your iPhone look new. After all, what looks good, sells good.

Start with a dry cloth, or wet wipe or even electronics cleaning solution and wipe the phone clean.2. Offer AccessoriesWhen you are selling your old iPhone and it comes with accessories its value automatically increases.So, whether it’s the box, ear buds, data cable, adaptor or even an iPhone case, offering these accessories sweetens the deal, thus getting you more $$$.3. Present the Original ReceiptBy offering the invoice from when you purchased your iPhone’s you establish trust. As a result, the dollar value goes up.

4. Sell It On an Online Used Electronics SiteOne of the best ways of getting the most value for your used iPhone is by selling it on online.

These websites are certified buyers and they will either salvage and resell, or recycle your used iPhone reasonably.So, whether you are trying to sell your iPhone 5 or 11 Pro Max, on these sites, you can do it all with ease, and for a reasonable price.

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