Fox 11 Talks Back to School Tech with Gizmogo

As kids are going back to school and off to college this year, they likely need new technology to support their education! As you upgrade your kids’ school electronics, their outdated devices are likely left to collect dust. Fox 11 Morning News’ Joe Buttitta spoke with innovative tech company Gizmogo about how to properly recycle those old devices — and even make some money in the process!

Technology use in schools is growing rapidly

  Technology use in schools is growing rapidly, with schools’ focus on boosting student engagement through tech growing 29 percent in the last five years. Revenue for laptops is more than $300 million on Amazon, and 48 percent of students report they use a computer in the classroom. Technology was especially vital to the education process over the past year, when many schools went online and conducted classes through video calls and virtual assignments. Additionally, during the past year, our collective shift towards remote work and school accelerated the average of WiFi-connected devices per family home up to 25. That’s an increase of 38 percent in just one year. As technology use grows in classrooms and homes around America it’s important that used devices don’t add to the e-waste issue plaguing landfills throughout the country.

Landfills are filling up at historic rates, and e-waste is a contributing factor

Landfills are filling up at historic rates, and e-waste is a contributing factor. E-waste refers to old phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronics that have harmful chemicals in them. These harmful chemicals such as cadmium, lead, mercury, and more can leach into the soil and water when thrown away in landfills. While e-waste represents only two percent of America’s trash, it represents 70 percent of our overall toxic waste. These issues can be avoided by properly recycling old devices at facilities such as Gizmogo, where their main mission “Is to recycle old, used electronics that most people probably have laying around in drawers… and recycle them properly” says Gizmogo CIO Steven Vasquez. An additional benefit to reselling your devices to a company such as Gizmogo, instead of throwing them away, is that the device may be salvageable. Not only does the company recycle devices, but they also refurbish used devices like iPhone for example. Old devices that are sold back to companies such as Gizmogo can be wiped clean of any personal data and repaired, then resold at a much lower price point. Refurbished devices are often sold for a fraction of their original price. This helps lower-income communities provide all children with the technology that’s becoming more and more integral to their education. If you upgrade to the newest iPad, your older model could continue to be used for many more years by other owners! If you recently bought your kids new devices for the school year, and you want to recycle your old technology there are a number of different ways to do so! There are likely recycling centers in your local community. A good place to start is by researching local e-waste recycling locations online. However, it can be hard to track those centers down, and they may only be open once or twice a month. Plus, not all recycling facilities have the ability to accept technology of all kinds. It’s important to make sure that the facility you use is actually able to take the device you’d like to recycle. Gizmogo aims to make the process of recycling old technology even easier for consumers. As Vasques shared with Buttitta, “We’re trying to give people not only the information [about the importance of recycling electronics], but also a simple way to recycle — because we do have free shipping, we’ll send you all the materials and packaging you need, so you don’t even have to leave your home.” This aspect of their business is especially important with the current social landscape, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people may be more hesitant to leave their homes, so having the option to ship your device to the company for free is a big added bonus. Gizmogo removes any obstacles that might stand in the way of you recycling your used device. Additionally, when you send your device to Gizmogo for recycling, they’ll pay you cash for your used device. The amount is dependent on the model, year, and condition the device is in. Before sending in your device, you’ll answer a few questions, then receive a quote instantly online. Unlike other sites, that cash goes directly to you, and you can spend it anywhere you like. Perhaps you use it to upgrade to a new and better tablet for the school year. If you’re wondering what devices Gizmogo will accept, Vasquez says “We’ll take anything from phones, laptops, drones, iPods, televisions, speakers, headphones… You name it, we’ll buy it back from you!”  

When companies such as Gizmogo make recycling so easy

  When companies such as Gizmogo make recycling so easy, there’s no reason why your old device should end up in a landfill! Visit today, and get a quote for your technology!