Learn the Steps to Follow To Get Cash for Your Phone

There are two possibilities – either you are bored with your Smartphone or upgrading to a new device.

You might think that you are stuck with your old phone because you cannot get a great deal for selling it and your friends surely won’t buy an old phone off you.

So you ask yourself the question, “Where can I get cash for my phone?”

Follow these steps to get extra cash without the hassles of searching for a buyer.

1. Make it easy for the buyer

Before you sell your phone for cash, you should clear the data, including all media files such as photos, videos, etc. A full factory reset will be the perfect solution after you have taken a backup of your device.

This good for security purposes as well, so your data doesn’t get transferred to the new owner.

2. Ensure the phone is unlocked

Specifically for iPhone, make sure to unlock the phone by signing out from your iCloud.

Remember, unlocked phones sell at a higher prices than locked phones.

3. The phone is functional and usable

Since you have been using this phone for a long time, you know the bells and whistles of things like how long the battery lasts, what the caveats are, etc. So when you sell your phone for cash, always ensure it is fully functional.

Note: Scratches or normal body wear might affect the resale price.

Selling a functional and usable phone also shows your credibility to the buyer. Be honest about your experience with the phone and address all the queries from the buyer.

4. Don’t expect more than the phone is worth

Maybe you once sold your used phone for a high price due to the buyer being desperate, but don’t expect that to happen more than once.

Being honest is the key to getting good feedback from the buyer. It is better to educate and explain to the buyer the nuances of your phone’s features, specifications, etc.


When selling your phone, research your options. If you are still stuck trying to figure out where you can get cash for your phone, try Gizmogo, where you can sell your old phone for a reasonable price.

Steps to Follow To Get Cash for Your Phone