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Should I sell my gaming laptop and buy a budget console like the Xbox S in 2024?

Over continuous years of improvements in gaming technology, many powerful gaming laptops and affordable gaming consoles have arrived in the realm of electronic devices. And gamers are at a crossroads now about choosing between gaming laptops and gaming consoles such as an Xbox S Series. Although both promise to provide an unbeatable gaming experience to their users, choosing one between them is still a crucial question that arises in the minds of gamers. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of both options and help you decide accordingly if gamers want to sell my gaming laptop to purchase a console.

Performance and Graphics

Sell My Gaming Laptop: Performance

In terms of performance, gaming laptops have come a long way already. With different models capable of running the latest AAA titles at high settings today, gaming laptops are the foremost choice of many gamers out there. As they offer powerful CPUs, dedicated GPUs, and ample RAM, the overall gaming experience becomes more interesting and realistic.

Xbox Series S Performance

On the contrary, if a gamer wants to sell my gaming laptop to buy a gaming console, then the Xbox Series S however not equally powerful and efficient as gaming laptops can still manage to provide the bare minimum required performance at an affordable price. Xbox Series S comes with a custom RDNA 2 GPU and a fast SSD with the help of which you can enjoy quick load times and smooth gameplay at 1440p resolution.

Criteria Gaming Laptop Xbox Series S
Performance High-end components Impressive for the price
Graphics Customizable settings Fixed settings
Portability Yes No
Price Higher Budget-friendly
Game Library Vast Growing


Sell My Gaming Laptop: Portability

The biggest advantage gamers can get from gaming laptops is their portability. Whether you want to carry your laptop to a nearby cafe or travel miles on a train, a laptop is easily transportable from one place to another due to its compactness factor.

Xbox Series S Portability

Talking about Xbox Series S, it’s not more compact than gaming laptops at all. However, if you compare this gaming console to its previous generations, you can find it more easily portable than them. Actually, the thing is: gaming consoles are built to play from a single location comfortably, hence transporting them from place to place is a tough task in itself to contemplate. For gamers on the move frequently, a gaming console such as Xbox Series S might not be a wise choice to consider to sell my gaming laptop.

Price Point

Sell My Gaming Laptop: Consider Price Points

The main factor that makes all the difference between a gaming laptop and a gaming console is ‘price.’ Generally, gaming laptops are a bit expensive as there has been a valuable investment in building their machines to offer top-of-the-line performance to gamers. For gamers dealing with a tight budget, gaming laptops won’t be a good option to consider. So if any gamer wants to sell my gaming laptop, he or she can & purchase a gaming console at a lower price.

Xbox Series S Price

Compared to gaming laptops, the Xbox S Series comes at an affordable price for gamers. So if you want to sell my gaming laptop and consider purchasing a gaming console like the Xbox S Series, it’s a more affordable option than gaming laptops.

Game Library

Gaming Laptop Game Library

One of the important advantages gaming laptops offer to gamers is access to wide game libraries available. Whether you prefer indie titles or blockbuster AAA releases, a gaming laptop is there for everyone’s taste.

Xbox Series S Game Library

On the other hand, gaming consoles like the Xbox S Series’ game libraries are not at the same level as gaming laptops. They are still evolving. However, you can avail of some popular titles available on the platform. Plus, the Xbox Game Pass subscription service provides access to a rotating selection of games that’s again a very cost-effective option for you to discover new titles altogether.

Direct Power Dependency: Gaming Laptop vs. Xbox Series S

Gaming Laptop Power Dependency

Undoubtedly, gaming laptops are ahead in terms of power dependency. If you get a premium laptop, it can offer an optimal battery life of 6-8 hours on average on a single charge. Ultimately, you can unleash your gaming experience without being tethered to a power outlet. With a gaming laptop, you don’t need to worry about an electric power supply. If your friend has challenged you to a game at his or her home or at some public place, go on and showcase your amazing skills.

Xbox Series S Power Dependency

On the other hand, if we talk about the Xbox S Series, it is totally dependent on the power supply. As the power goes off, your gaming goes off. Having a gaming console makes it less flexible for gamers who prefer gaming from anywhere and everywhere. You will have to stick to your homes for gaming sessions instead of playing anywhere with your friends.

Criteria Gaming Laptop Xbox Series S
Power Dependency Battery-powered (6-8 hours) Direct electric supply
Portability High Moderate
Flexibility Unlimited gaming on battery Limited by power source
Power Outage Resilience Yes No

Daily Usage

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops can be used for diverse other purposes as well apart from gaming obviously. Here, you can work, study, shop, and do every other possible task online on a gaming laptop.

Xbox S Series

However, gaming consoles are built primarily for gaming only. They aren’t as versatile as gaming laptops. They serve a single purpose in place of letting you get entertained through other means.

Display Performance

Gaming Laptops

In terms of display too, gaming laptops win the race somehow. Generally, most gaming laptops come with a 144 Hz display these days offering a smoother gaming experience via amazing visual quality. Even with entry-level gaming laptops, you can still enjoy 75 Hz to 120 Hz displays.

Xbox S Series

On the other hand, gaming consoles like the Xbox S Series are limited to a 60 Hz display generally as they use standard TV units as their output device. As a gamer, you might know that a game with 144 FPS would offer a better experience than one with 60 FPS.

Future Proof Investment

Gaming Laptops

As you know, gaming laptops keep on upgrading very frequently. So as some new tech will appear on board, you will have cravings to try the innovation. Hence, gaming laptops aren’t worth future-proof investment.

Xbox S Series

But if we talk about gaming consoles like the Xbox S Series, you know that their higher generations take time to evolve and come on board. So if you purchase a gaming console, you know that it isn’t going anywhere for at least the next 5-6 years. In terms of future-proof investment, yes, gaming consoles are worthy.

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