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Mac Air vs Pro: Which to Buy After You Sell Your Apple Laptop

Apple keeps launching new Mac laptops consistently under different series. The most popular

series in recent years is the Mac Air and Mac Pro. Considering the fact, that Apple produces both models, which contain advanced features and specifications. However, questions like which laptop you should consider after you sell your Apple laptop may hover in your mind. Therefore, through this blog, you will be guided by a thorough discussion about the MacBook.

Pro series. Continue reading to decide better which laptop you should consider among Apple’s 2024 series.

Which One to Buy After You Sell Your Apple Laptop in 2024?

The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro series of laptops are advanced and carry specific features. Both laptop models are known for their powerful performance and high-speed processing. However, a discussion on specifications, technical features, and key elements will help you in making the right decision. Compare the technical specifications of both laptop series to figure out the differences.

MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro

MacBook Air under 13 and 15-inch models are the most advanced and recent laptops launched

by Apple. Launched in March 2024, the MacBook Air M3 chip is a high-speed laptop with faster Wi-Fi and support for up to two external displays. The laptop has a liquid retina display and offers up to 18 hours of battery backup. Integrated with the power of the M3 chip, it contributes to the super speed of processing. The laptop is considered 60% faster than the other

old Mac laptops. Therefore, buying a MacBook Air after you sell your Apple laptop is an ideal deal to make.

MacBook Pro Laptops in 2024

The MacBook Pro series of Apple laptops are available under M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chip models. The laptop series has its last launch in late 2023 and the future upgrade is expected in late 2024. However, the available models under 14 and 16-inch configurations are the best-performing laptops in the market. The laptop models carry advanced graphical features, stronger battery life, and up to 22 hours of wireless browsing capacity. This laptop series has support for up to 2 to 4 external displays.

Sell Your Apple Laptop to Upgrade to MacBook Air M3

MacBook Air M3 laptops are available under 13 and 15-inch are the most recently launched laptops by Apple. The laptop comes with the most advanced features and specifications to boost multitasking. With high-speed processing, the laptop is ideal for work, play, and others. Let’s explore the features.

High-speed Performance with M3 Chip

The laptop features the 3-nanometer technology, the M3 chip. This technology contributes to super-speed processing. The MacBook Air M3 comes with Core 8 processor and Core 10 graphical features. The laptop also contains 24 GB of combined memory capacity. The laptop assures up to 18 hours of battery backup for effortless operations. The M3 chip power boost features like:

  • Games run 60 percent faster on this laptop than on the older MacBook Air models.
  • This laptop series uses AI image specifications like Photomator’s Super Resolution.
  • Boosts speed for working with Excel sheets up to 35 percent faster than the other Apple laptops.
  • Video editing is also faster on the laptop and has excellent processing speed.

Best Laptop for AI

The MacBook Air is regarded as the world’s best laptop for AI. The laptop has a 16-core Neural Engine. In addition, this laptop series also comes with advanced CPU and GPU features. The MacBook Air M3 allows you to enjoy advanced features like powerful camera features, real-time speech-to-text, translation, and text predictions. Furthermore, the laptop comes with enhanced visual understanding and accessibility features.

Available in Two Sizes

The MacBook Air 3 is available in two sizes i.e. 13 and 15-inch models. Both laptops offer smooth operations for work, play, or create from anywhere. The 13-inch offers excellent portability and is available in compact size. Whereas, the 15-inch offers enhanced screen multitasking. Both laptops are perfect for professionals, students, gamers, and others.

MacBook Pro Display Features

The Mackbook Air comes with a Liquid Retina display of up to 3.6- or 15.3-inch sizes. This advanced display features 500 nits of brightness, support for 1 billion colors, and up to 2 times better resolution. In addition, the latest laptop models from Apple have support for up to 2 external displays. Thus, this laptop is ideal for businesses and professionals needing two displays for multitasking.

Excellent Connectivity and Magic Keyboard

The MacBook Air M3 offers excellent connectivity with Wi-Fi 6E. This feature boosts the download capacity of this laptop. This laptop series also has Magasafe charging and two Thunderbolt ports along with a 3.5 mm headphone jack to connect multiple accessories. In addition, the MacBook Air M3 comes with a magic keyboard that has a full-height function row with Touch ID.

iPhone and App Compatibility

The MacBook Air M3 offers excellent compatibility with iPhone and other applications. The laptop comes with different inbuilt applications like FaceTime, Freeform, iMovie, GarageBand, and Photos.

Consider MacBook Pro When You Sell Your Apple Laptop

The MacBook Pro laptop series is also a good consideration for upgrading to a new laptop. This laptop series is available in 14 and 16-inch sizes. The laptop models offer you a 120-Hz refresh rate thus, ideal for gaming and multitasking. In addition, this laptop series from Apple has support from external displays with stronger battery life. The technical specifications of the MacBook Pro 14-inch include an 8-core CPU with 6 performance cores and 2 efficiency cores. Besides, the laptop features a 14-core GPU for excellent graphical performance. To boost compatibility and speed, the laptop has a 16-core Neural Engine and 200 GB memory bandwidth.

MacBook Pro 16-inch

MacBook Pro 16-inch is another one to consider when you sell your Apple laptop. This laptop involves a Liquid Retinal display with XDR display features. Apart from this, the laptop involves a 16-core Neural Engine and up to 200 GB of memory bandwidth. This laptop also allows you up to 15 hours of wireless web browsing service. In addition, you can also enjoy a fast-charge experience with a 140 W USB-C power adapter. This laptop model from Apple contains a 512 GB SSD storage capacity.

Additionally, the MacBook Pro 16-inch 2023 edition contains a backlit keyboard with Touch ID and Ambient light sensor. You can also enjoy working on the force track touchpad with pressure-sensing capacity.

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The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro series of laptops from Apple are advanced and contain the latest features. However, the MacBook Air M3 series laptops are the latest models available in the market. This series is powered by M3 chips that boost performance for multitasking. However, the MacBook Pro series is also a good choice to buy. But the latest upgrade in this series is expected lately in 2024.

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