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Should You Sell Your Laptop Online and Replace it with the iPad Pro?

Replacing your used laptop with an iPad Pro depends on several factors. You can replace your laptop with an iPad Pro if you want to do basic computing tasks on a tablet. However, the iPad Pro has more features than a normal tablet. But the replacement decision depends on what you do on a laptop. So, if the iPad Pro meets all your requirements, you can go ahead with the replacement decision. Therefore, before you sell your laptop online to buy an iPad Pro review the features and specifications of the tablet.

Read this blog, to gain knowledge about the capacities and features of iPad Pro to decide better on the replacement. Compare working performance with a laptop to determine the actual usefulness of the iPad Pro tablet.

Comparing iPad Pro with a Traditional Laptop

Choosing between a traditional laptop and an iPad Pro depends on your needs, preferences, and the nature of your work. iPad Pro is more suitable for watching videos, and photos, reading books, and listening to music. In addition, the iPad Pro offers versatility of touchscreen, portability, and compact size. On the other hand, traditional laptops are ideal for multitasking, running software, and several applications.

Check Out the Comparison Before You Sell Your Laptop Online to Buy an iPad Pro

Refer to the table below to check out the comparison between a conventional laptop and Apple iPad Pro. The comparison will guide you in choosing between a laptop and an iPad Pro.

iPad Pro Conventional Laptops
iPad Pro comes with specific hardware configurations like a touchscreen, Apple pencil, and magic keyboard. Laptops come with physical keyboards, trackpads, and touchpads.
iPad Pro contains Appl A-series chips. Whereas, laptops involve high-performing processors, graphical features, and ports for connectivity.
iPad Pro operates on the iPad’s operating system specifically designed for mobile Laptops usually carry the Windows operating system, macOS, and Linux.
The iPad Pro has compatibility with running applications and suites like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud. Conventional laptops are ideal for professional computing tasks and running software applications.
In an iPad Pro, you can enjoy watching videos and movies on a split-screen or slide-over view. Laptops are best for intense multitasking and switching between several applications.
iPad Pro is more portable and lightweight thus, ideal for reading, drawing, and web browsing while traveling. Laptops are less portable as compared to tablets. Therefore, suits more on-site work and office use.
iPad Pro is generally used for web browsing, email, media consumption, note-taking, drawing, and watching videos. Traditional laptops can be used for web browsing, email, work-related applications, software development, content creation, gaming, etc.
iPad Pro is affordable but offers limited choice in terms of models and series. Laptop prices depend on the brand and model. You can also find a wide range of brands available in the market
Portable and travel-specific. Professional and office-use friendly.

Why Choose iPad Pro When You Sell Your Laptop Online

iPad Pro comes with multiple features and specifications catering to diverse needs. The tablet has super-fast speed, is powered by Apple pencil capacities, and has wireless connectivity. This tablet also features the powerful iPadOS 16. The laptop involves an 8‑core processor to offer faster performance. Similarly, the 10‑core GPU provides up to 35% faster graphics performance. The tablet is ideal for creating 3D designs and playing games. Apart from this, the tablet assures a stronger battery backup.

Additionally, the iPad Pro is the best device to capture stunning videos and photos. The ultra-light tablet allows one to edit high-resolution videos. You can also enjoy reading, watching movies, playing games, and doing basic computing work. Furthermore, the tablet is ideal for drawing, designing, and writing as it involves a touchscreen with an Apple pencil. The laptop features a 32.77 cm (12.9″) Liquid Retina XDR display. The advanced tablet comes with an ultra-wide camera with a 12MP sensor.

Technical Specifications of iPad Pro

Check out the technical specifications of iPad Pro before you sell your laptop online to buy this tablet. The iPad Pro contains advanced specifications to perform multiple tasks. The below table contains details about the technical specifications.

Screen Featured with a12.9-inch (2732 x 2048) or 11-inch (2388 x 1668) display
Processor and Graphics The tablet has an M2 chip with an 8-core processor and 10-core graphics
Connectivity 5G connectivity
Display Liquid Retina XDR mini-LED display on the 12.9-inch model
Rare Camera 12MP Wide and 10MP Ultra Wide rear cameras with LiDAR scanner
From Camera TrueDepth Camera with Face ID and 12MP camera
Ports Thunderbolt port
Input Features Optional Apple Pencil 2 with hover, Magic Keyboard, and Smart Keyboard Folio

Why Should You Sell Your Laptop Online?

Online marketplaces offer easy and hassle-free platforms to you for selling your laptop. Several reasons make online marketplace an ideal choice to sell used laptops. Some of the reasons for selling laptops online are:

  • Selling Online is Easy: Selling laptops online is easy and quick. You can choose a platform to present your laptop to sales. Numerous marketplaces are available to list your laptop and find potential buyers. You can create a listing for your laptop and attract a potential buyer easily.
  • Getting the Best Price: Online marketplaces help you get the best price for your used laptop. Potential buyers are navigating online marketplaces to buy a used laptop. Thus, grabbing a buyer at the best price is easy on online marketplaces.
  • Quick and Reliable: Selling online is quick as compared to offline selling, you don’t have to find buyers. You just need to create a list or advertisement and buyers will offer you deals.
  • Online Selling is Free: You can sell your laptops online for free. Creating an advertisement online for your laptop is free as most of the marketplaces don’t charge for selling laptops.
  • Huge Customer Presence: Online marketplaces have huge customer presences. Therefore, you are likely to find a potential buyer and close a deal at the desired price.

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Choosing an iPad Pro over a laptop depends on your specific needs, requirements, and the nature of your work. iPad Pro is ideal for basic computing tasks and running mobile applications. On the other hand, traditional laptops are more suited for multitasking, software running, and professional work. However, the Apple iPad Pro is featured with the latest technology to enjoy reading, writing, video watching, and capturing photos. In addition, the tablet is portable and lightweight to carry along during travel. You can also enjoy net surfing, drawing, and video editing on iPad Pro while on the go. In conclusion, choosing a tablet over a laptop depends on your needs and requirements.

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