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the Top 10 Most Resellable Smartphones of 2023

What are the most resellable Smartphones? Can you guess? In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, certain brands consistently stand out for their exceptional resale value. These brands have established a reputation for producing high-quality devices that remain in high demand among consumers, even years after their initial release. If you’re seeking a smartphone that promises […]

IPhone vs Samsung galaxy camera : Which one is better?

The camera in your phone is a super convenient feature and hence it has become such a staple in today’s smart phones. The ability to take your phone out and snap a high quality picture that will come out great is something that everyone enjoys. The advancement in technology has enabled the buyers to get […]

How to Check IMEI

If you want to sell or trade-in your old device, or you’re looking to buy a used phone, you’ll want to first perform an ESN or IMEI check to determine the device’s status. Knowing the phone’s status helps make sure you get a device that’s ready for use or sell for the highest possible value.  Locating your […]

best smartphone in the world – Samsung or iPhone

There are objective parameters when discussing phones and whether one model is better than another. But this is also a matter of personal preference, and each of us has the right to choose which model, company and operating system they prefer and make their pick when buying a new phone. Even those who own or […]

Parameters when deciding is Samsung or iPhone more popular

Anybody who owns an iPhone knows that the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy are considered to be the two most popular cell phones. Each generation of the iPhone has its Galaxy counterpart, more or less, considering that Samsung has released more models of the Galaxy over the past 10 years. When deciding whether is Samsung or iPhone more popular, […]