The Phone battle of 2021 phones: iPhone vs Samsung

2020 is among the most memorable years when it comes to the launches of electronics all around the globe. However, the end of the year was great for technology lovers including people who like to get consistent phone upgrades or wanted to buy new consoles.

Today, the focus is on the most explosive releases of 2020 that were iPhone 12 series and Samsung S20 FE Series. The two phones are quite similar in configurations but overall have very different approach to their camera and how they work.

iPhone vs Samsung facts that you should know before you make the decision of buying your next phone.

When choosing your next phone, there are several things to consider and hence, we have brought the major iPhone v/s Samsung facts to help you decide the best course of action for you.

If you are a strict believer of iOS or Android, you might not have anything of interest to see here. As people who use Apple products exclusively will not get the other phone. Moreover, people who only use Android do not consider iPhone products at all.

However, if you are someone who will enjoy either of the operating systems, then you should have a hard look at the configuration and other details to figure out the right choice for you.

The pricing:

The first thing to remember is that you have the responsibility of managing the price of the product. You should have a budget for the phone and it should revolve around an amount that you can afford. When it comes to the pricing of the phones, Android always has an upper hand. Samsung S20 FE is priced at $699. On the other hand, the base model of iPhone 12 is priced at $799. Overall, Samsung is among the cheaper option of the two.


The two phones have different set of processors for their phones. The iPhone comes with a14 bionic processor, whereas Samsung hosts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processing unit. There is a difference in the overall performance of the capabilities of the two processors and here, Apple iPhone 12 does win by a landslide.

Storage options

Depending on your needs, you might or might not need as much space in your phone. People who still only use their phone for occasional entertainment, some social media, making calls, and other basic functions do not need as much space. However, it cannot hurt to have more space on the phone at any given time, especially because it has now become easy to take videos and pictures on your phone, or play space-taking video games on your phone.

For Apple, you can get 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB alternatives of the phone. In Samsung, you options are less because they only have two variants, that is, 128 GB and 256 GB.

However, it is important to remember that as the storage space gets higher, so does the price of the phone. The price mentioned above is for the base model, so a 128 GB Apple iPhone 12 will cost more than $799.

Connectivity iPhone vs Samsung facts

With the 5G technology finally coming to iPhone and Samsung, both the phones offer LTE and 5G connectivity. You should check with your operator to figure out if the phone will be compatible with the services you get or if you should consider other options.

Camera iPhone vs Samsung

One of the major contenders when checking out the new phone to buy is the camera configuration. While Apple iPhone 12 only has two camera combination at the back with 12 MP, and 12 MP Wide lens, Samsung Galaxy S20 offer three lens at the back with specifications 12 MP, 12 MP Wide, and 64 MP Telephoto. As for the front facing camera, iPhone has a 12 MP, whereas Samsung lands at 10 MP.

However, when it comes to the results of the photos, iPhone performs better than Samsung in several aspects. Though, the difference in style does leave you with more ambiguity, as some people might like one over the other.

Which one is better? iPhone or Samsung

When comparing electronics, spending more money does result in better product. The statement holds true here, and it is better to get an Apple iPhone 12 rather than the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. However, if you have a cash crunch and cannot afford or sell your old phone for some cash, you might have to settle for the cheaper option.

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There are several options of phone apart from Samsung and iPhone, but these two are big contenders when it comes to choosing the next phone. Do your research properly before choosing the right phone for you and base your decision on your needs and wants.

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