Earn Extra Money with Gizmogo’s Brand Ambassador Program

Do you wish there was a way to earn money in your sleep? Never say never, because with Gizmogo’s Brand Ambassador Program, you can do just that. Earn 10% commission for each referral you bring in. Talk about making easy money!

To qualify for the program

To qualify for the program, you need to do two things: register as a user on gizmogo.com (and have already sold to us) and invite two friends. Those two friends are required to also create an account and when they’re ready, sell a used device too. Before the sale is completed, ask them to enter your personal referral code. This will automatically launch $10 for each person into your account.

That isn’t the best part! If your referral chooses to participate in the ambassador program, too, they will earn a commission for themselves AND you. Everyone wins!

The Brand Ambassador program has 10 levels to it, 10 being the highest and most you can earn. When you bring in your referrals, they become your level 1 ambassadors. When your level 1 ambassadors bring in their own referrals, those referrals become your level 2 ambassadors. This means you will earn a commission for them, too. Pretty simple, right?

The commission chart on the ambassador page will show you exactly just how much you can expect to earn for each level. The unique referral code Gizmogo provides never expires and can be used as many times as you’d like. So spread the word, there’s an easier way to make some extra income. Register today and start earning as soon as possible.

Gizmogo’s mission has been simple

Gizmogo’s mission has been simple – make it easy for you to sell your used gadgets at the highest price with the fastest payment possible. Our team members believe your once cherished device sitting in your drawer has more value in being re-purposed and given a new life. We take your device and give it to someone who will enjoy it the same way you once did. That’s why Gizmogo strives to create a seamless customer experience that enables people to see the full potential and value of their devices. Our goal is to extend the life-cycle of technology while reducing the impact on our environment and passing the value onto our customers!

How can I make extra cash with the Gizmogo brand ambassador program?