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Tips to check the display when you buy Lenovo laptop

If you have ever bought a laptop, you might know that what makes the whole big difference at first sight is its ‘display.’ And when you buy Lenovo laptop which is known for its various interesting display options in different models, it becomes a necessary task as a buyer to thoroughly check for the display. Everyone wants a vibrant, high-quality screen to enhance the overall user experience and pump the performance efficiently.

In this article, we are going to discuss some useful tips to check the display when you buy Lenovo laptop. So let’s start.

Understanding Display Specifications when you buy Lenovo laptop

First of all, let’s start by understanding the basic key display specifications when you buy Lenovo laptop.


The resolution of the laptops makes a huge difference altogether both in the form of graphics and performance. When you buy Lenovo laptop, you might want to get a laptop with higher resolutions that would offer sharper images and more screen real estate. You can go with the common resolutions available like Full HD (1920×1080) and 4K (3840×2160) as per your budget and needs.

Panel Type:

The panel types are generally responsible for offering varying levels of color accuracy, viewing angles, and response times. You can choose from a wide variety of panel types available such as IPS (In-Plane Switching) and TN (Twisted Nematic). But most commonly, IPS is considered better in terms of providing good display results.

Refresh Rate:

When you buy Lenovo laptop, take care of the ‘refresh rate’ of the display as well. Generally measured in Hertz (Hz), a laptop with higher refresh rates displays smoother visuals as compared to the lower ones. If you need to buy Lenovo laptop for gaming and multimedia tasks, going with a high refresh rate display would be a good option for you.

Brightness and Contrast Ratio:

These two factors also play a very crucial role when you buy Lenovo laptop. The levels of brightness affect the display’s visibility in different lighting conditions. Going with a higher contrast ratio would increase the overall clarity and depth of the images and graphics displayed on the screen.

Inspecting the Display before buying a Lenovo laptop

Now that you have understood the key specifications when you buy Lenovo laptop, let’s move forward to the inspection of the display further.

Brightness and Uniformity:

When you are going to buy Lenovo laptop, turn it on and try setting the brightness to its maximum possible value. Here, you will have to frisk thoroughly so that the brightness stays uniform all over the display screen. Additionally, also check for any dark spots, uneven backlighting, or backlight bleed along the edges. These factors are going to affect your overall working performance later on, so keep an eye on them.

Color Accuracy:

For a display to show accurate color is an important factor. When you buy a Lenovo laptop, make sure that you check for the color accuracy of the display properly. You can perform a color pattern test or simply open a high-resolution image on the laptop & try looking for the correct color representation on the display. Ensure that the displayed colors are true to life and appear as vibrant as they are. Otherwise, it can create a problem for you in the long run if you are working with graphics or related things. Checking over the subtle gradients is also going to help you get a better idea to check the display when you buy Lenovo laptop.

Viewing Angles:

Now comes the viewing angles. You know sometimes we are required to look over our logos or images from the sides or upside down. In that case, the consistency of the colors is the key. So just check for the same by tilting the display screen, moving it forward, backward, and side to side. Look for any distortions or color changes visible to you. Generally, panels are responsible for providing consistent colors over a wide range of viewing angles and minimal distortion. IPS panels would help you with the best possible features in case of viewing angles than the TN panels.

Resolution and Pixel Density:

When you buy Lenovo laptop, go with the display which offers images with fine details, such as text or intricate graphics, to assess sharpness and clarity. And for so, only higher resolution displays can be your companion. Additionally, you can check for any pixelation while rendering the text and graphics.

Screen Flickering:

‘Screen Flickering’ is a huge problem faced by many laptop users. When you buy Lenovo laptop, make sure that you check for the same to prevent this issue. Generally, at lower brightness settings and in night light mode, the displays flicker and create a visibility problem for the users. If the flickering is persistent, you might need to check for any hardware defects or compatibility issues.

Dead Pixels:

‘Dead pixels’ are generally lit or dark pixels visible on the display screen of the laptops that fail to change color. Typically, they appear as tiny dots and create issues in the overall viewing experience. As they are more noticeable on solid backgrounds, you can check for them easily when you buy Lenovo laptop.

Motion Handling:

If you are into motion graphics or deal with video-related stuff, you need to check the display’s performance in terms of motion handling as well when you buy Lenovo laptop. Try playing a video with fast-paced motion & evaluate its motion handling and response time. If it plays smoothly without any motion blur or ghosting, here’s your one-to-go-with feature when you buy Lenovo laptop.

Additional Considerations

Glossy vs. Matte Finish:

Here you will have to choose what you want to go with. If you want vibrant colors and deep contrasts but are prone to reflections and glare as well at the same time, go with glossy displays. Otherwise, matte finishes would reduce glare but sacrifice the color vibrancy.

Touchscreen Functionality:

When you buy Lenovo laptop, if you are going with a display with a touchscreen feature: you need to test its responsiveness & accuracy by navigating through various applications and gestures.

Screen Coating:

Many laptops add anti-glare coatings to the displays for the reduction of reflections and eye strain. Check if it’s effective under all lighting conditions possible.

Compatibility with External Displays:

When you buy Lenovo laptop & there’s a requirement to connect it with external monitors or projectors: you need to check whether it’s compatible with them or not.

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Overall, the display plays a very crucial role in user satisfaction and productivity. Hence as a buyer, you need to be careful of all the factors mentioned when you buy Lenovo laptop. Take care of investigating the display screen properly and decide accordingly as per your requirements and budget.

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