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Galaxy Chromebook 2

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Galaxy Chromebook 2 Features

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 is a sleek, powerful, and versatile laptop that offers users a unique blend of functionality and style. With its razor-thin design and vivid, high-resolution display, this device stands out in the crowded market of portable computers.

Design and Build

Featuring a stunning Fiesta Red or Mercury Gray aluminum body, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 boasts a premium look and feel. The device is lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for professionals and students on the go.


The highlight of the Galaxy Chromebook 2 is its 13.3-inch QLED touchscreen display, delivering brilliant colors and high-definition clarity. Whether you're watching videos, browsing the web, or working on presentations, the visuals are always vibrant and engaging.


Powered by an Intel Core i3 processor and equipped with 8GB of RAM, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 offers smooth and efficient performance. With ample storage and a long-lasting battery, this device is built to keep up with your busy lifestyle.


With Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 ensures fast and reliable internet connections. Additionally, its plethora of ports, including two USB-C ports, enables easy connection to a variety of peripherals and external devices.

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How do I start the process to sell my Galaxy Chromebook 2?

To sell your Galaxy Chromebook 2, simply visit Gizmogo's website. Provide the necessary details about your device's condition, and you'll quickly receive a fair quotation. If you agree with the offer, ship your device to us for inspection and receive your payment promptly.

Why should I choose Gizmogo to sell my device?

Choosing Gizmogo to sell your device means you're getting a competitive offer, swift payment, and excellent customer service. Plus, our eco-friendly approach ensures that your old devices are recycled or rehomed responsibly, reducing electronic waste and helping the planet.

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