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Sell your used camera lenses for cash online with Gizmogo. Our platform accepts a wide range of popular lens brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, and more. Get competitive pricing, a simple three-step process, and secure transactions while protecting your data with Gizmogo. Sell your camera lens hassle-free with Gizmogo and get the most value out of your equipment. Choose Gizmogo for a fast and easy selling experience for your camera lenses. Sell your lenses today and get the best value for your device.

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1. Does Gizmogo sell lenses?

2. What if my lens is scratched beyond repair?

3. When can I expect payment?

Does Gizmogo sell lenses?

Here at Gizmogo, we only buy your old electronic devices. We do not sell or trade lenses of any kind. We realize that lenses are not technically an “electronic,” but since it goes hand in hand with cameras, we also accept them. The glass can also be recycled and/or reused. It's our pleasure to do it, that’s what our company is all about.      

What if my lens is scratched beyond repair?

We cannot accept any lenses that have visible cracks in it, major scratches or are broken in two. When you send your old, used lens to us, it will go through the same inspection and evaluation process like an electronic. Our highly trained technicians will verify the condition it is in and notify you of a price. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quote, you can always request us to ship it back to you free!  

We highly recommend taking any damaged lenses that are beyond repair to a recycling facility where they will dispose of the damaged glass properly. This will also count as doing your part to keep the planet clean and free of e-waste.

When can I expect payment?

 If you need to earn some fast cash and you have old lenses lying around or you no longer use them, we are interested. Feel free to get an instant quote from us and we will transfer you the money. You also have your choice of payment methods including check, Amazon gift card or you can even have us donate it to your favorite charity.  

There are never delays and we will never take weeks to send you your payment. You will instantly receive your compensation as soon as we receive the lenses and you accept our final offer. Customers usually see the money within 24 hours!