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Sell MacBook Air 11-inch (2012)
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MacBook Air 11-inch (2012)

MacBook Air 11-inch 2012





The Air became a successful brand quickly enough. Apple didn’t give users much choice here; first, they set the trend, and then they provided the most appealing devices. Since the first MacBook Air aired in 2010, there was always a yearly update that took it to the next level, and in 2012, MacBook made such a minor change to the 2011 version that we wondered if it was worth it. But then the Air had already made a name for itself, and the 2012 MacBook Air got all the attention it wanted.


While the previous MacBook Air of 2011 was fantastic, it had small memory space, 64GB and 2GB RAM. This limiting storage was perhaps the major drawback of the 2011 update. This was why upgrading the RAM to 4GB RAM while also making available 128 GB, and a solid 256GB storage capacity was a significant reason to move on to the 2012 MacBook update. 


The processor was also updated to the newest 3rd generation Intel Cores. At this point, Apple had renovated their entire laptop portfolio with the Intel Core CPUs, and this one moved from the 2nd generation of the previous year to the 3rd generation Core i5 dual-core and its HD 400 GPU. Apple also made a Core i7 variable of this MacBook. 



Without question, the 2012 MacBook Air was hard to swallow. Still, it excited users who were just experiencing the awesomeness of Apple for the first time. Today, Apple has launched several MacBook Air, making the 2012 version is dated. If you’re still on this old gadget, you can get a newer version by swapping or selling your device on Gizmogo for cash to fund the purchase of the latest MacBook Air. Gizmogo offers trade-in and purchase services.




MacBook Air 11-inch 2012 Specifications

Design info: In design, you’ll be looking at a familiar laptop, at least for those conversant with the MacBook Air series. The dimensions are the same; the cutting edge looking aluminum profile and engineering is still as solid as it looked on the premier MacBook Air.


Even though the 2012 MacBook Air is one of the thinnest notebooks, it is as durable as it gets owing to the metal covering. This aluminum case runs over the whole device as a single unit giving a unibody profile, which means you won’t be pulling pieces apart. This feature also earns the MacBook Air its high stability when placed on a surface despite being exceptionally thin. 


The MacBook is thickest at the back and tapers in front where it is thinnest. As for the hinge, there’s a single wide and central hinge that is pretty strong and allows a high level of rotation. The tactility and haptics of the body are exceptional; it feels good to touch; from the aluminum body to the trackpad and keyboard, they all come together to give a very impressive and premium-looking device.


The MagSafe power inlet, audio, and microphone ports can be seen on the left side. The left side holds another USB port and also the Thunderbolt port. 


The keyboard is enabled with LED backlighting, and the trackpad is smooth, supporting multi-touch and multiple gestures. It seems like the longer you observe the MacBook Air, the more you appreciate its build. Overall, its appearance earned it a good score among users.


Capacity info: The upgraded 2012 version of the MacBook 11-inch still had 64GB SSD, but Apple upgraded the RAM to 4GB. For more internal storage, you’ll have to acquire the more expensive 128 GB or 256 GB versions.


Size and Weight info: Dimensions are 0.11 inches thick in front to 0.68 inches at the back. It weighs 1kg.


Display info: Apple used a 1336 x 768 pixels display for the Air 2012. The display size is 11.6inch with an 11:6 aspect ratio and a glossy finish that reflected minimally. The display on the MacBook Air supports mirroring on an eternal screen via the DisplayPort interface. The contrast of 805:1 is satisfactory and allows black to get as low as 0.42cd/m2. The average brightness was put at 322 cd/m2 but didn’t distribute evenly across the screen surface. However, the color output is vibrant and sharp, and the viewing angles are satisfactory.


Camera and video info: The WebCam was upgraded from the previous MacBook Air, leaving us with a 720p camera that provides higher quality pictures and video calls.


Performance info: The processor is Intel Core i5-3317U, a 3rd generation CPU with a base speed of 1.7GHz capable of rising to 2.6 GHz on Turbo Boost. This runs on an entry-level 4GB RAM and Mac OS X.


Connection info: A few changes were made to the ports on the 2012 model. First, the two USB ports were upgraded from USB 2.0 to the more recent 3.0, which was faster, up to 5 Gbit/s of data transfer rate, and is still compatible with older versions. Bluetooth 4.0 was used here, and there’s the Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n of the current standard.


Battery info: Battery runtime is very good, reaching almost 6 hours when used over Wi-Fi and maximum brightness. 



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