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1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
2.Please unlock your phone and sign out from your iCloud account before shipping.
3. How to remove your iCloud account from your devices? See Details.
4. How to unlock the phone screen? See Details.
Sell Your Apple
iPhone XR

Want to buy a new phone? Here’s how to sell your iPhone XR!

iPhone XR was the twelfth generation of the famous iPhone. The motto was very simple and spoke for itself – “Brilliant. In every way. Make room for color.” The XR was released back in the fall of 2018 and that’s not that long ago. This smartphone was available in six colors – black, coral, product red, blue, yellow and, of course, white. Despite the fact that Apple is still offering a refurbished version of the XR, you might want to sell your iPhone XR especially if you’re looking to buy a new phone. When it comes to selling your phone generally and specifically iPhone XR there are few options and we will go through some of these options, but before that we will take a look at the phone, its capabilities and its features.



The features and capabilities of the XR

The iPhone XR features a 2.49 GHz and its RAM memory is 3GB. That might seem low by today’s standards, but it was more than decent back then. When it comes to storage, there were three options – 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, but the later was discontinued and was no longer sold since September 2019. We’re speaking of a smartphone, but technically speaking the iPhone XR was a phablet. Its dimensions are 5.94” by 2.98” with a depth of 0.33”. The display was 6.08” and the resolution is 1,792 by 828.


Cameras are very important for everyone as we tend to use the cameras very often. Statistics show that the average American citizen takes at least 20 pictures with their smartphone on a daily level. The XR comes with a 12MP rear camera, with a quad-LED flash, it supported optical image stabilization and autofocus. The camera supports 4K video recording at either 30 or 60 frames per second. In Panorama mode it supports up to 63 megapixels, it supports face detection and stereo audio recording.


The front camera was also quite remarkable and that’s important as we tend to take a lot of selfies. The selfie camera on the iPhone XR is a 7MP camera, it supports burst mode, exposure control, face detection, auto image stabilization and retina flash. It supports 1,080 HD video recording. The phone weighs a total of 194 grams and here we will end our discussion about the phone and start discussing how to sell iPhone XR.


Selling your iPhone XR directly to a potential buyer

You can try to sell your phone directly to a person who is willing to buy it. While most people substitute their old smartphones with new versions and models, as the carriers offer packages, and this is quite affordable. However, there are still people who would like to buy an older smartphone that’s in a relatively good condition, so if your iPhone XR is in a relatively good condition, you might consider this option.


Bear in mind that this can be a bit tricky, you will need to go through social media or platforms that allow peer to peer sales. You will need to agree on the price and then there’s the shipping issue. If you’re selling the phone to someone who doesn’t live near you, the two of you will need to agree on how the phone is going to be shipped, and eventually who will pay for it.


Selling your iPhone XR to a local shop

There’s another option. You can try to sell your phone locally, either at a market, or at a mobile repair shop, as some of these shops often sell old phones. However, selling it as one of these shops might not get you the price you want. These shops don’t have a large backlog of phones, and they try to make as much profit from each device as possible.


What Gizmogo is all about

Finally, we reached the option that we wanted to talk to you about – gizmogo. Gizmogo is a company that buys all sorts of electronic devices, including, of course mobile phones. Why gizmogo is a better option if you’re looking to sell your iPhone XR, compared to the other alternatives, listed above. Well, if you agree with the price that we offer and you accept it, the rest of the process is quite smooth and hassle free.


Gizmogo is one of the top buyback companies. The website is easy to use and you will get a free shipping quote if you accept the price. Let’s tell you a bit more about the company before we explain the process and how to sell iPhone XR.


Our mission is rather simple, we want to make it as easy as possible to sell your used devices. We think that your device has value and we can repurpose it and give it a new life.


Someone else might need your phone and find it useful. We do the work and connect the people who need devices with the right devices. There are other companies that buy all devices, but you might not get a good price with them. With gizmogo, you can be certain that you will be get the best price. There is another thing that differentiates gizmogo from our competitors. We will pay you within 24 hours, right after we receive your device. You will have to wait quite a bit with the other companies.


How to sell your iPhone XR at Gizmogo

The maximum amount that you can get for an iPhone XR is $458, but the actual price that we will offer you depends on few criteria. First you will need to select your carrier and then select the capacity of your phone, there are four options – 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

The next question is the most important one and is the question that determines the price to a great extent. We’re talking of course, about the condition of the phone. There are four options here – brand new, like new, good and damaged. If you have used your phone in the past two years, it surely isn’t brand new and it’s not likely that it is like new.

But don’t worry, you can get money even if the phone is damaged. If it’s damaged, we will need to ask you few additional questions. The final question is whether the Apple ID is locked, and we would pay more if it’s not locked.