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A Quick Guide to Selling  Your Tablet

Are you looking to sell a used tablet? It’s possible to sell your tablet for cash pretty easily, whether you need it to offset the cost of a new one or simply to get rid of junk and put some cash in your pocket. Here’s the Gizmogo team’s top tips to get the best price possible. 

How to Prepare to Sell Your Tablet

Before you sell your tablet, you need to tidy it up, photograph it well, and have it ready to go. Don’t forget to remove sim or SD cards and wipe your data! A factory reset is always a good idea, and you should disable all tracking or cloud services you have running. In short, make sure that you’re selling your tablet to help someone, not your data to a thief! If you need assistance with this wipe and are planning to use Gizmogo to sell your tablet, we will assist with a full and professional data wipe to keep you safe.
What else should you do once your tablet is cleaned up, wiped, and ready to go to its new home? Here’s two key points. 

Find How Much Your Tablet is Worth

To sell a tablet, you need to know what it’s worth. That way you make sure you don’t lose out. It also helps you get a realistic idea of what your item is worth. Remember, different brands have different appeal. It also depends on how you want to sell, where, and how fast. You can sell an almost-new popular brand, like an iPad, for cash where you’re willing to wait for a buyer, and will get more than an off-brand model that’s very old which you take to a shop for a quick sell.

Find Everything The Tablet Came With

If you can sell an iPad, for example, with the box and every accessory it came with, you will also receive more money than just for the gadget alone. If you've lost, used, or broken these items over time, don’t worry too much. However, being able to pass on the accessories and box will get you more cash than the item alone. 

Where to Sell Your Tablet

Now you know how to sell used tablets, it’s a question of where to sell used tablets, right? You have a few options here, each of which has pros and cons. Consider which one matches your patience and abilities the best.

Sell Directly Person-to-Person

Direct person-to-person sales will probably get you the highest resale value. That’s if you can be bothered to wait for it. There’s always people looking for phones, and you could have an easy time. However, once you start selling peer-to-peer, you have to be willing to invest some time and energy in it. People will ask questions- sometimes stupid questions, and sometimes even questions you clearly answered! 
You also have to put up with lowballers who want to sell you sad stories in the hope they can talk you out of the item for a lot less than it’s worth. That’s why knowing the resale value helps. People can be rude and annoying, and sometimes don’t even pitch up for the meet. While it can be lucrative, make sure you don’t need to sell fast and you have the patience and time to spend on selling this way. 

Sell Through a Marketplace

If that doesn’t appeal to you, there is a safe and faster alternative. There’s many stores and marketplaces which will buy your tablet from you straight out. Effectively you will present it to them, be given a price, and if you agree, they take the item. You may receive on the lower end for the item- although reputable marketplaces will still offer a fair value- but you will get the cash immediately and can move on. 

Introduction to Gizmogo

Gizmogo prides itself on being a simple-to-use and trustworthy marketplace. We will buy your tablet, and you will receive the funds by your chosen method within 3-5 business days. No hassle, no fuss. We even help you get it to us, by offering free USPS or UPS shipping to us.
If you don’t have the time or patience to waste on selling to time wasters and lowballers, why not give Gizmogo a try? We’re fast, simple to use, and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us today. Selling your tablet quickly has never been this easy!