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Sell Lenovo IdeaPad A2109




Lenovo’s IdeaPad A2109 is only 9 inches. That’s a small viewing size, but it is comfortable for holding and carrying around, although its bulkiness may contrast this feature. 


This tab strikes a comfortable balance for many in-between the larger 10 inches tablets and the compact 7 inches tablets.


Lenovo launched the IdeaPad A2109 in 2012, and it sought to satisfy a subset of users who needed a strong media-consuming tablet. 


While the likes of Google Nexus 7 and Apple iPad led and dominated the tablet industry at that time, Lenovo was able to make promising attempts with its IdeaPad series. 


The IdeaPad is not close to being the perfect tablet, but it made a great effort in being versatile and performing adequately at a price that won’t raise alarms. Even though it was put at a fair $299.99, many still argued it could have been lower.


The IdeaPad was a budget performer; the kind of device targeted more at the midrange audience while attempting to maintain good performance on a budget price. 


It is 2021, and the standards for a budget tablet have increased. You can call the premium tablets of 2012 the new mid-range devices of 2021. You can upgrade from your Lenovo IdeaPad A2109 or older tablets by swapping or selling to fund the purchase of a new device. Gizmogo allows device swap and selling.


Lenovo IdeaPad A2109 Specifications

Design info: The IdeaPad A2109 is definitely not the slimmest, neither is it the lightest tablet in the 9 inches range, but it has a comfortable feel as a tablet device in terms of size. Comparing its weight and size, we can easily say it weighs more than it looks. 


The internal roll cage and metallic case contribute to this heft and the device’s overall thickness. The roll cage embedded in this device is there for extra stability and to maintain its balance during use. 


The quality of the build is good, a substantial improvement from older IdeaPads. The edges of the case have a matte aluminum coating, and the corners are nicely rounded. It uses Gorilla glass technology in the front, and the back of the device has a neutral silver color and a stylish curve for its price. This back casing has a flaw in the middle that can be depressed if you press on it with little force. 


The microSD card slot present in this device is accessible through a tiny cover on the back of the tab. Two stereo speakers are also present on the back.


On the left side, there’s an orientation toggle switch, volume controllers, and a headphone jack. The power button is on the top side while the important ports – micro USB and micro HDMI ports appear on the right side. If you wrongly compare this device with a high-end tablet, it’ll fall short completely but considering it as the midrange device that it is, then it’ll be on par with your expectations.


The IdeaPad A2109 produces quality sound. The SRS Surround Sound enhancement enables the two stereo speakers to produce and deliver good sound. The area around the speakers is raised with tiny plastics to ensure that sound is not muffled when the device is face flat. 


Capacity info: This IdeaPad has an 8GB version and a 16GB version based on internal memory capacity. On the top of the device, you get a slot that allows you to expand this limited storage by an additional 32GB. 


Size and Weight info: In the vertical position, the IdeaPad stands at 9.3 inches, has a height of 6.5 inches, and a thickness of 0.46 inches. In millimeters, it is 259.8 x 178mm x 11.65. This is pretty bulky and may not fit easily into your pocket, but a shoulder bag will hold it easily. At 571.5kg, it is a bit heavy, but with its stable topography, the device is comfortable to use on one hand for long periods. 


Thanks to the ergonomic design, the tablet’s weight is distributed such that the top where the battery lies is a tad heavier than the opposite side, which means it can be oriented in ways that make it easier to wield while in use.


Display info: The IdeaPad A2109 isn’t big on display. Despite sporting a fair resolution of 1280 x 800 on a 9-inch screen, the screen display isn’t quite impressive. Considering that many 10 inch tablets make use of this same resolution and have a good display, one would expect that the smaller size of the IdeaPad and the denser ppi will result in an even sharper and vibrant display, but that wasn’t the case. 


The more or less disappointing display is largely because Lenovo opted for Twisted Nematic panels instead of using IPS panels that were the most used in similar devices.


Viewing angles are okay but limited on the vertical sides, contrast is not so good, and the brightness is just acceptable, not enough to overcome the sun’s reflection off the screen. 


Perhaps the only good thing about the display is the fact that it could be a perfect size. The 9-inch screen is just enough to read a magazine in full size, and it isn’t too large at the same time.


Camera and video recording info: The cameras present are a 1.3 MP camera in front and a 3 MP camera on the other side. 


Water-resistance info: The IdeaPad A2109 may resist a short-distance drop, but it isn’t resistant to water.


Performance info: This IdeaPad runs on NVIDIA Tegra 3, with four core processors reaching up to 1.2GHz. There’s a fifth core that performs low-intensity work. For this device, this processor is solid and efficient.


Connection info: You’ll get Wi-Fi of 802.1b/g/n, GPS, and Bluetooth 3.0 for connectivity. 


Battery info: Lenovo succeeded in impressing with the battery life of this device. A single charge can go several days with minimal use. However, continuous and maximal use over Wi-Fi gives up to 10 hours of battery life span.


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