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ThinkPad Tablet

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet




Lenovo has a business line of tablets that comprises the ThinkPad brand. The ThinkPad isn’t your regular tablet. Although a flagship device, premium isn’t the word that properly qualifies it. With most tablet brands focusing on multimedia expenditure and aesthetics, which attracts more leisure-oriented customers, Lenovo built the ThinkPad for creativity and professionalism. 


The ThinkPad series began in 2011 with the ThinkPad Tablet, Lenovo’s first business-oriented tablet, which comes with all the security features you need; data encryption, Cisco VPN, anti-theft software, and a feature that allows you to disable it remotely. In addition to user authentication of the device via PIN or password, there’s a feature that allows you to protect and lock your device via Active directory Credentials. You’ll also get preloaded free anti-malware software.


Lenovo made it clear from the start that the ThinkPad series was built for productivity. The tablet provided just the right amount of administrative and crafting tools; first, a business-friendly software, a top-notch digital pen, plenty of necessary ports, and a stable design. At first release, it easily became the most efficient content-creating tablet in the market at that time.


The ThinkPad is enabled to run IBM’s Lotus Notes Traveler software which improves the writing experience. Taking notes is an activity you’ll enjoy doing on this device as this software is able to automatically and directly convert your handwritten content into text in computer font. The Stylus Pen, coupled with the tablet’s excellent touch capacities, combines to produce an outstanding and first-class experience. Meanwhile, the ThinkPad was initially launched with an elective keyboard and a one-year warranty.


The ThinkPad is a relic in this part of the world. If you own one, it is likely collecting dust from underuse or crash dummy for your wards. Why not sell the device for cash if it is still functional? This way, you will save the planet from electronic waste and also earn money. You can swap or sell your Lenovo ThinkPad on Gizmogo now. 


Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Specifications

Design info: The design of this tablet forms the basics of all other tablets in the ThinkPad business series. You’ll easily fall in love with the matte black color, the raven black used on the sides. Also, you will love the Lenovo and ThinkPad silver or light grey logo strategically and simply placed on the screen bezel and at the back. 


The boundaries of the screen are marked by a black frame (bezels) that may be considered thin. The back is made of rubber, and you’ll also feel the rubber material on the sides. A nice touch of red comes on when the tablet is powered on; it’s on the back panel alongside a Lenovo logo.


For increased functionality, Lenovo added several ports and slots on the sides. There’s a microUSB charging port, a mini HDMI port, a headphone jack, and docking ports on the bottom of the device. A large panel opens in the same area to expose a full-size card reader and a 3G compatible SIM card. 


There’s more on the left side that you’ll need if this tablet is to run business smoothly, like the full-size USB port that can serve as an attachment for an external hard drive, a mouse or keyboard, a USB flash drive, etc. 


If you inspect the side of the device, you will find a hole that is meant to hold the Stylus Pen when not in use.


As for buttons, there aren’t so many of them. You’ll find four navigation buttons that perform major control functions; auto-rotate, home, web browser, and a back button. 


On the screen just above these buttons are other onscreen buttons that include a home, recent apps, and back and app wheel button, some of which are unnecessary repetitions. 


There’s only one speaker outlet, and you’ll find it on the bottom along the horizontal side, where it can be easily obstructed. For this reason and others, the audio quality is not impressive; you’ll need your headphones to have a good sound experience.


Capacity info: 32 GB of internal storage and 1 GB RAM is what you’ll get out of the box. There’s also a less expensive version of 16GB. However, the memory is expandable by an external SD card.


Size and Weight info: The ThinkPad is 10.2 inches tall, 0.5 inches thick, and spans 7.2 inches from side to side. Overall, it weighs 725.7 grams. 

Display info: Lenovo used a high-quality IPS screen, a 10.1-inch screen with a 1280 x 800 resolution for the ThinkPads display. It offers good viewing angles, wide enough, and quite color-rich too. 


Camera info: Two cameras are present, a 2MP front-facing camera for video calls and a 5 MP rear camera more optimized for taking photos.


Video recording: The rear camera is capable of recording 720p videos. As expected, the quality is average, even with ample lighting. You will need to use a smartphone or dedicated camera to record quality videos.


Water-resistance info: This device isn’t waterproof; you want to keep fluids away from it as much as you can.


Performance info: The ThinkPad runs on Google’s Android OS 3.1. Later on, Lenovo began using Microsoft’s Windows. It comes with several business features and customized apps that business people will find useful. Documents To Go, an app that allows you to freeze, track, erase or restore your tablet remotely, Citrix Receiver, and the many security softwares. The handwritten translator is able to recognize 27 different languages and convert your jottings accordingly. All these are powered by a 1GHz Nvidia Tegra2 dual-core processor and 1GB RAM. 


Connection info: The standard features of the ThinkPad’s connectivity features are Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11n, and a SIM card slot that is 3G compatible.


Battery info: Battery life is fair; the Lenovo ThinkPad is able to endure 8 ½ hours of rigorous use. 


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