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Sell iPhone 4s
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1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original or not.
2.Please make sure to unlock your phone, remove any pass code and sign out from your iCloud account before shipping your device to us.
3.Questions on how to remove your iCloud account from your device? See Details.
4.Questions on how to unlock the phone screen? See Details.
Sell Your Apple
iPhone 4s

iPhone 4s


Are you looking to get the new version of Apple iPhone and would like to do something about your old iPhone 4s? Then this article right here is for you. You can get your desired newer Apple product if you sell iPhone 4s or trade in iPhone 4s. If you have no idea how to sell iPhone 4s, then worry no more. Here is what to do.



The iPhone 4s was released in October, 2011. Trust Apple! Every year Apple upgrades every version of their iPhone. Apple iPhone 4s is the upgraded version of Apple 4 released in 2010. iPhone 4s was released with better features, including an upgraded Siri, improved battery life, and general functions. Like all Apple products, this upgrade was built to please. The device, with its aluminum frame, Gorilla front glass with an oleophobic coating, and glass back cover, is scratch-resistant. Who wouldn’t love it!

The Apple iPhone 4s belongs to the 5th generation operating with the upgraded iOS 9.3.5. The iPhone manual assistant, Siri, could use three languages: Dutch, English, and German. iPhone 4s Siri could work freely with lots of keyboard layout since it uses a software-based keyboard itself.

Another upgrade Apple users were quick to point out is the improved iPhone 4s camera. The camera’s optic was upgraded and the aperture width enlarged to f/2.2. The camera comes with 2448 x 3264pixel (8MP). It could shoot video resolution of 1080p, unlike its predecessor. Its camera captures images colorfully, taking in every vital information such as background clarity, amazing light addition. This is an added advantage to note when you want to sell iPhone 4s.

The iPhone 4s is built with lasting battery life which is 1432 mAh. The rechargeable Lithium battery charges fast either with power adapter or USB. The battery runs up to 200 hours on standby mode, 6hours on internet surfing using 3G, and 14 hours on 2G. When on video playback, the battery runs for close to 10hours and lasts up to 40hours on audio playback. With this strong battery, you can have an amazing talk time of almost 8hours on 3G and close to 14hours on 2G.


Sell iPhone 4s

To sell iPhone 4s or trade in iPhone 4s, you need to know the important  features of your iPhone. The specifications of your phone and how it works are questions you will need to provide answers to when you want to sell your iPhone 4s. If you do not want to sell your iPhone 4s, you can trade in iPhone 4s for an upgraded version or another Apple product. Knowing more about your iPhone will help you get a better trade. But whichever option you pick; either to sell iPhone 4s or trade in iPhone 4s for another, the features of your iPhone 4s alone will likely not get you a good deal if your iPhone 4s is not well used. You can still definitely get a fair deal on sites like Gizmogo. It should be noted that your phone now worth less than the amount you got it. This will come to play when you sell your iPhone 4s or trade in iphone 4s for cash.


Sell iPhone 4s for cash online

If you decide to sell iPhone 4s for cash online, be sure  you know the value  of what you are selling as we have mentioned. To sell your iPhone 4s online, you can visit the site that offers this and make the trade. However, you also need to have good knowledge of your iPhone 4s features, as questions about the state and functioning of your iPhone 4s will be asked when you sell iPhone 4s for cash online. We keep emphasizing this as it is very important you know the features. Some sites are willing to buy your iPhone 4s even if it is damaged as long as its iOS works just fine. Have this in min when you sell your iPhone 4s for cash online.


Features and capabilities

To help you know more about your iPhone so as to get a fair price when you want to sell iPhone 4s, here are some highlighted features. Sites like  Gizmogo will offer you a good price when you sell your iPhone 4s or trade in iPhone 4s for another product.

Capacity info

512MB RAM each for:





Size and weight info

Weight: 140gram (4.9oz)

Height: 115.2mm (4.5inch)

Thickness: 9.0mm (0.37inch)

Width: 58.6mm (2.31inch)


Display info

Clean Retina display

Notifications via LED

Capacitive, multi-touch screen

The back cover is scratch-resistant

3.5 inches screen

330 pixel per density

The low resolution of 640 x 960

2x cortex CPU


Water-resistant info

Chip info

A5 processor


Camera info

Improved optics

Image stability is digital

8megapixel Resolution (2448 x 3264p)

LED flash


Focus is automatic

5 seconds High Dynamic Range shots

500 cd/m2 max brightness (HDR)

Illuminated rear camera sensor with an aperture of f/2.4

Still images can detect users face

Strong GPS for Photo geotagging

Selfie camera uses Video Graphics Array adapter

Video calls are possible over Wi-Fi and 3G


Video info

Video geo-tagging

1080p High Display close to 30fps

Video stability

3264 X 2448-pixel Resolution

Continuous automatic focus

 JPEG close to 34 Mbps

MPEG-4 video close to 2.5 Mbps

Audio playback


Face ID

Face detection mode







Though iPhone 4s isn’t the latest Apple iPhone, it still has impressive features that count when you sell iPhone 4s. Though you may sell your iPhone 4s, you can consider another option; trade in iPhone 4s for a better Apple product if you so want.  Gizmogo allows you to trade in iPhone 4s or  sell iPhone 4s for cash online, provided your phone is functioning properlyThey will definitely give you a fair deal for the iPhone when you want to sell your iPhone 4s.

Whatever decision you make, try as much as possible to pick the path that offers you the right deal. To Sell your iPhone 4s will undoubtedly not give you your iPhone 4s actual worthSo, the best you can do is know what you are giving and getting in return. When you sell iPhone 4s for cash or trade in iPhone 4s for another product, expectedly an upgrade, check out for the above features. If, however, any of these features are not functioning properly when you decide to sell iPhone 4s, you may be getting a product with a lesser capacity.