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Trade in Advantage Instructions

1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
2.Please unlock your phone and sign out from your account before shipping.
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HTC Advantage


Upgrading your device can leave you with a refreshing feeling, with no need to deal with the lagging and frustration that comes with using an outdated device. Alongside this refreshing feeling, there is also the satisfaction that comes with using an updated device with updated software and operating system.


This feeling of refreshment and satisfaction is second to none and should be experienced by all. Hence once your mind begins to fill up with thoughts like, “where do I sell HTC Advantage?” “where do I sell my HTC Advantage for cash?” “how do I trade in HTC Advantage?”, do not shut it down.


Do not see these questions as a way to procrastinate upgrading your device because of a lack of answers. You have landed on the right place to help you with these questions, we have everything you might need, from information to descriptions and tips you would need to sell your HTC Advantage or trade it in.



However, before we proceed with the information you might need on how to sell HTC Advantage, let’s explore an overview



The HTC Advantage is powered by a 624 MHz Intel PXA270 operating system. The device runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, in addition to this, the device features 5 inches (12.7 cm) display that has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.


The HTC Advantage comes with 128 MB and 256 MB inbuilt storage so that you can store your local files, songs, videos and more without worrying about space constraints. Besides, the HTC Advantage is packed with a 2100 mAh battery that lets you enjoy watching movies, playing games and do a lot more without worrying about battery drainage. The mobile measures 133 mm x 98 mm x 16.00 mm; and weighs around 375 grams.


The device has a detachable keyboard. This has been done before, but not quite like this. Instead of snapping into a docking port, the keyboard is magnetic. Get it near the bottom of the Advantage and it automatically snaps into place, pressing the flat contact patches up against each other. Removing it is just as easy: yank, pry or otherwise pull, and it comes loose. No delicate connections to worry about, no software drivers needed.


An upgrade is inevitable so you do not have to worry bout If the need to sell your HTC Advantage would ever arise because it most like would soon.


Sell HTC Advantage

When you want to sell HTC Advantage you should get the best value. What then must you do to get this? To get this, you should explore these two ways below:


sell HTC Advantage for cash

trade in HTC Advantage


We must state before we go forward that there is some factor that might affect your chances of getting the best deals when you want to sell HTC Advantage. These factors range from the fluctuations of the market, the condition of the device, and brand. However, irrespective of these factors, Gizmogo guarantees you exclusive deals when you sell HTC Advantage.


Sell HTC Advantage for cash

Unlocking your device and wiping it of all sensitive information when you want to sell HTC Advantage for cash is one important thing you must not overlook. This is so you avoid your data being shared with the wrong people. Double-check this, so you avoid stress when you want to sell HTC Advantage for cash.

Trade in HTC Advantage

As stated above, to sell your HTC Advantage, you can do it for either cash or trade in HTC Advantage.


However, before we get to it, you have to first decide if you want to sell your HTC Advantage or trade in HTC Advantage;


Before you proceed, here are a few questions to ponder:


Is it original?

Has all by data been backed up?

Is the ios working correctly?

Have I performed a factory reset?

Have I unlocked it and signed out on all accounts?


These listed questions are vital when you want to sell your HTC Advantage or trade in HTC Advantage for another because they all determine whether you can sell your device. So do not take them for granted when you want to sell your HTC Advantage or trade in HTC Advantage.


Features and capabilities

There are places on the internet to sell your HTC Advantage or try to get another one of such place is on Gizmogo. Do not forget to wipe off all your information when you want to sell HTC Advantage. First, let’s take a look at the features and capabilities.

Capacity info

128 MB and 256 MB

Size and weight info

Weight: 359 grams ( 12.66 ounces)

Height: 133 mm (5.24 inches)

Width: 98 mm (3.86 inches)

Thickness: 16 mm (0.63inch)

Display info

TFT Technology

5.0 inches display

640 x 480-pixel resolution and 160 PPI

Water-resistant info


Memory Cards


Chip info

System on Chip – ATI Graphic Chip W2284

Operating System - Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

Camera info

3.15 MP rear camera


CMOS image sensor

LED flash

Video info  




Extra Features





Getting a new device can be a refreshing and satisfying experience, and using an outdated device would not add any value to you. So why do you keep using them? Why not sell HTC Advantage on Gizmogo?  Here you are guaranteed the most from your old device. The need for an upgrade, in the long run, would eventually get the best of us, so when this happens sell HTC Advantage here.


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